From 9 months, this straw sippy cup would be the ideal solution to start developing some independence and bypass the regular sippy cup which is not good for teeth development.  The weighted straw keeps it in the liquid whatever position the cup is in, so every suck on the straw is successful!

BRAND: Zoli Bot
MODEL: Straw Sippy Cup
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  • Innovative straw technology which ensures that the straw always moves where the liquid is. So wherever your toddler tilts the bottle, they will still be able to drink!
  • Easy to use handle integrate into the top, so fewer parts to lose.
  • Made of food grade silicone with stainless steel weighted ball on the bottom of the straw.
  • Worry free washing, easily pulled apart  – see video below.
  • Environmentally friendly manufacture – blend substance, sustainability and style.



This cup has no valve so is easier to suck, so toddlers dont get cheesed off with not getting anything. It comes with a cleaner for the straw. Very little leakage unless thrown heavily.