Having reviewed the self heat baby bottles, I honestly felt that they were too expensive to be a practical consideration for moms of twins or triplets.  There are two bottles that I looked at … the Yoomi and the iiamo.

Brand: Yoomi
Model: Self Heating Bottles
T&TW Rating: ???/4
Opinion: You have to remember to preheat.

Store Purchase: Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk


Yoomi has a different method of heating up formula or breastmilk. It relies on you heating up the heating element by boiling, then allowing it to cool. When you are ready, you press the button in the heating element, which slips into the teat, and heats the milk up as it passes over it.

It takes 60 seconds to heat the formula or breastmilk up before you can start feeding.

To be honest I cant see how this is any way helpful for moms of twins or triplets. Remembering to boil the warmer for it to work is a hassle for singleton moms, not ones with twins or triplets. I could not be bothered to go to this extreme.  Ive included this here just so you are fully informed on what is on the market.  Hmmmm…. think I had enough to do getting out of the house without remembering to do that!

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