The market is flooded with baby bottles. Which highest rated baby bottles would suit your babies?  It is the same dilemma that a singleton parent will face but for a multiple parent, there are a few added issues of costs involved in making mistakes in choosing the wrong bottle and the guilt  – I felt guilty – that you aren’t breast feeding your babies.

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I Want To Breast Feed My Babies ! 

The NHS in the UK and the AAP in the USA recommend exclusively breast-feeding for the first six months to give your babies the best start. Breast milk gives your baby all the nutrients they need, along with protection against infection and disease.  Sometimes exclusively breast feeding is not possible, particularly for multiple mums.

I wanted to breast feed my triplets, but they were very premature and whilst I expressed breast milk to freeze and save for when they could take milk, sadly my milk dried up before they were able to suck.   Having three babies so sick in NICU was very stressful, I found the travelling to and from the hospital every day tiring, especially after a c-section.  I would spend all day there with them, doing what I could.  I remember one mom coming into the NICU after using the breast pump, with a full bottle of expressed milk, I felt so inadequate at that point, it was a low time for me.

dSo I was faced with which bottle to choose that would suit them all! Sadly I ended up using two types as Giles had sucking issues and Bethany had reflux.

However even if you breast feed, you will still want to express milk and bottle feed to give flexibility. Breastfeeding twins is challenging but triplets is a real challenge, so to have the option of being able to bottle feed any one of them means they all get breastfed but no one goes hungry !  There are many manufacturers who recommend baby bottles that act like nipples and so your baby is able to better adapt.

Even if you don’t breastfeed, it may be that you might not be able to like me, or may not want to, regardless of whether you then feed your baby with expressed breast milk or with formula, the right choice of bottle is important. You need to be able to satisfy your babies with the minimal stress to you and them!

Take a look at my page ‘ What Is The Best Baby Bottle?‘  to read up on the configurations of the various types on the market or click on the image below to go look at the best bottle for bottle-feeding and combining bottle with breast feeding. 



  1. As someone who does not yet have children of their own, this was very insightful. The heat sensitive and formula mixing bottles are particularly innovative! Thanks for sharing such an informative post 🙂

    • Thank you Hannah for your comments, I am really pleased that you have found the information interesting and when one day you do have the need for baby bottles, you’ll know where to get the info !

  2. What a lovely niche! I really do like this post. I had no idea there were so many different things you can consider when buying a baby bottle. I like the fact that your advice is informed by looking at the NHS website. The pictures look really good too!

    • Thank you Richard, for your comments, and I am particularly pleased that you feel the information from the NHS to be valid. My site is directed at the UK and USA primarily but the USA also have a strong belief in breastfeeding if you possibly can.

  3. I like how you have laid out the text and images of this post as a criss cross design. It helps to easily identify what text goes with what bottle.

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