The two wide and one in front configuration of stroller for triplets or twins and a toddler is inspired.  Each seat has a good view which whilst this doesn’t matter when the babies are tiny, take it from me, when they’re toddlers it will ! The number of tantrums I coped with about who sits at the front of the tandem stroller…. I can remember Bethany stamping her feet up and down in the park because it was her turn to sit at the front. She would go bright red in the face, jump up and down, stamping her feet and screaming. Terrible twos, three times over ! These strollers would have solved the problem straight away but unfortunately for me, they were not available when my three were young.    I found the Trippy a while ago and it has been the only one around that I could see and try out, but recently I found the ChildWheels stroller too, good to have a choice as the Trippy is quite expensive.  By using a stroller like this, you don’t have the width of the three wide, which gives a perfect view for all three children, but you then have to accept you can’t get through doorways or along pathways easily. The tandem has the issues Ive highlighted above, so whilst you can get through doorways and stroll where you like without the worry of not fitting, you have the triple tantrums.  The Trippy offers a choice of seating, starting with the car seats that attach to the chassis, or bassinets and finally the stroller seats so a full system is available. The ChildWheels is not as adaptable but is much more economical, however is not suitable until 6 months as the seats do not lie completely flat.

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Childwheels Triplet Stroller Trippy Triplet Stroller Review
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