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I had a great time reviewing all the triplets strollers on the market.  There are three configurations to choose from which is a world away from what was available when I had my triplets, there is much more choice now, which makes it more important to choose the right one for your situation.  To be honest I couldn’t see myself taking three babies on the bus by myself so having a fold up umbrella style stroller didnt make much sense to me.  I lived in Brixton, London, so spent a great deal of time pushing my three up and down the pavements, so a tandem stroller made more sense so I could navigate the pathways and doorways of the stores I wanted to visit.  


Frequently I would have someone with me, which was really useful, but I wanted to make sure I could take them out by myself too.  I had one or two funny experiences of people walking past, then running back for a ‘double take’ when their brain had computed that they had just seen triplets ! So funny !  Triplets Strollers are much more contemporary now and have many of the characteristics of single prams or pushchairs that make them appealing and trendy so just because you’re having triplets you don’t have to make do with a ‘Heath Robinson’ type of stroller. Take a look at my reviews and see which one you feel will suit your lifestyle.

I have reviewed all the triplets strollers I can find worldwide here so you have the full range and this is something that I check weekly to ensure that none have slipped through the gap, it has been frustrating thinking I’m on the trail of new triplets strollers, only to find that they have been discontinued by the manufacturer! 🙁  There are quite a  few images out there that are still to be found on places like Pinterest, but the stroller is now discontinued.  Aliexpress also have two styles but one is simply single strollers attached together and the other is a tandem but the features of this stroller are difficult to assess as its all in Chinese.  

Please be aware that some can be used from newborn and some cannot because they don’t allow the newborn to lie flat.  This is a  problem that some strollers face and in particular those in tandem because the middle and front seatbacks cannot lie completely flat as they rest up against the seat behind and this is not good for a newborn with little to no head control.  

You can get round this by inserting baby head supports etc , although the responsibility is yours not the stroller manufacturer, to ensure that your babies are still secured safely within the stroller.  I used head supports and inserted a baby mattress to help flatten the seat more  and because this got in the way of the 5 point harness on the stroller I used, I bought separate harnesses that I attached securely to the stroller.  I didn’t go out a lot in the first three months by myself with my triplets, but at least with this set up, I knew they were laying comfortably and safely !

Many strollers take the baby car seats and this is another way around your babies positioning and safety but one thing to remember here, is that they should not stay in the car seats for longer than 1/2 hour as this position again is not ideal as it can force the head to flop forward, reducing the ability inhale correctly.   (New car seats have recently come onto the market to address this issue  – Stage 0 lie flat car seats.)

Check out the reviews below on the triplets strollers that are available (May ’17). If you find one that isn’t mentioned here, please drop me a message and I will add it to my website and please leave me a comment ! 

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