The KidzCargo Triplet Buggy (UK) and the Obaby Mercury (USA) is a triplet umbrella stroller that is ideal for parents on the move. It folds like an umbrella making it compact enough for most car boots or on public transport (not sure taking triplets on public transport  is a good idea though!) It is available in midnight black, electric blue and berry red. The buggy has swivel wheel ideal for darting around shopping malls and smooth pavements and fix the wheels for rough surfaces and country walks although the wheels are not intended for rough terrain.



I eventually bought one of these once my three were young toddlers, simply for days out at the zoo for example, easy to throw in the back of the car.

Brand: KidzKargo
Model: Triplet Buggy
T&TW Rating: 😀😀😀😀😀/5
Opinion: Versatile and cheap enough to throw in the car.

Store Purchase:


Weight– 37lbs (17kg)

Open Size – 43″/110cm so not going to fit through doorways either.

Folded Size – 18 x 9 x 40″
Purchase :  I can’t find a retailer in the US that sells this stroller but at the bottom of the review I have found an almost identical stroller called Obaby, theres a link to follow !


The pram has front swivelling wheels that are ideal for darting around doing the shopping and on smooth pavements. The front wheels can be fixed which is ideal for rough surfaces, although this pram may not be robust enough for country walks.


Each seat has a 5 point harness, which expands as your babies grow and the seats being independent of each other. The braking system is linked affording added safety.The recommended weight per seat is 15kg (33lb or 2.35 stones) which is generally the weight of a 3 year old toddler. The pram also has reflective strips for added safety in the day or dull days. The pram is made up to British safety standards.


The pushchair seats lie back making it suitable from birth, boasting in total 5 position lie back to maximise comfort for your babies. The seats are padded giving extra comfort.


The seats are made from 100% polyester so easy to clean with warm soapy water, however reviews have stated that these prams are

not made to last, they relatively cheap and sadly may not last especially as the idea of this pram is that it is foldable and will fit into the car boot with ease.

Travel System

This pram does not have a travel system.


A Shower cover is available for this model. The pram also comes with three individual hoods with little shower visors attached to the front of the hood, giving further protection from the elements for your baby. These hoods are detachable too.


The handle on the pushchair cannot be altered, it is 104cm from the ground. This could be a vital reason for not buying this pushchair but analyse who is going to be using the pushchair before ruling it out.


This triplet buggy is much more reasonably priced, comes with a free rain cover however it is a little short at the front and my three would get wet feet. It can be used from birth, although it doesn’t go completely flat. An ideal pushchair for walks in the park or short trips to the shops.  I buy one until my triplets were toddlers, I thought it wasn’t robust enough for babies, and I used it when we went out to the zoo or the garden centre,  I wasn’t bothered if it got messy with crumbs or mud, it served its purpose of transporting my three around so I didnt have to carry them, it probably wasn’t the most comfiest stroller but a toddler is up and down, sitting, running around, eating, etc they dont mind !