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I Found this rather interesting looking ‘stroller’ yesterday whilst I checking out whether there had been any new triplet strollers released in the last couple of months. Not that I think it could really be called a stroller and indeed would not be very practical in the general sense of the word, wouldn’t fit through the front door and to be honest it probably wouldn’t work too well in the shopping mall either but nevertheless its definitely a great way of transporting your babies from 6 months upwards.


The Winther Turtle is not the smallest stroller for 3-4 or even 6 children but I am sure its pretty exciting for the kiddies ! Outdoor activities are so much easier and safer. The manufacturers note on their website that it is robust, a well thought through design that focuses on safety, durability and ergonomics.

The kiddy bus is available in different models from 4-6 children, aged 6 months (in the car seats) up to 4 years, maximum 15 kg each. Pushing 4-6 children at 15kg each will definitely be a good workout !  A perfect mobile for triplets, quads, quintuplets and sextuplets, or of course a creche or nursery!  Perfect for pavements, roads, walkways but not rough off road rambles, so ideal for the theme park or zoo.

The kiddy bus has a five point harness for toddlers and for 6 months up, a special car seat that straps onto the seat. The kiddy bus has a sun shade, rain cover and outside cover for storage.  If you have the space for this, its got to be fun for both kids and the user !  Click the link for further information Winther Turtle


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