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Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 21.35.54As some of you may know,  I have triplets. It gives me lots to blog about and plenty of products to review of  baby things for twins and triplets, I love it ! I tap into my experience with my triplets to offer help and support to anyone out there that is struggling or wants honest advice about anything. But I concentrate solely on products etc to do with twins and triplets. I have google alerts set so I get to hear all the twins and triplets news from around the world that I can blog about or simply use as a springboard to keep my website fresh and up to date and interesting for all my readers.


The article below came into my inbox today………


It stopped me in my tracks…. It brought back vivid memories of my experiences with extreme prematurity….My triplets were extremely premature. They were due on August 25 and arrived May 26… a full 13+5 days early. Two girls and one boy. I haven’t talked about my pregnancy so far on my website, except for an occasional mention that they were preemies. I find it hard to talk about and certainly didn’t want to bring any anxiety to my readers, carrying triplets, to cause them to worry unnecessarily about their own pregnancy.

My triplets were very sick, my boy very nearly died. It hadn’t been something that I had considered that they would so premature that it would threaten their life.  I don’t think I was being naive, part of me didn’t want to think about it in case I jinxed my pregnancy but the other side of me accepted they would come early but certainly not this early.  Everything had gone smoothly with my pregnancy, there were no warning signs that anything was wrong but on the Tuesday morning when I woke in pain, I thought at first it was a water infection, it was low down and not a really bad pain, but the hospital said Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 21.32.50come in for treatment  – ‘hit it quick and get it sorted’ sort of thing… Unfortunately on the way to the hospital, my water broke. That was it, no way back.  I arrived at the hospital in a complete state, terrified that they had already died. This was like having my heart ripped out.. Fortunately for me it was the Tuesday morning after a Bank Holiday Monday, so all the NICU consultants and my ObGyn were all back from their long weekend away (imagine if this had happened on the Sunday, sure the staff would have coped but people who I had built trust with wouldn’t be there for the most horrific thing to happen to me so far in my life). They put a CTG machine onto each heartbeat, they were still alive.  My ObGyn arrived, all I could say to him was ‘Im sorry !’ I was blubbering away, tears streaming down my face, lying on an operating table, having already had the epidural.  They were born by c-section 10 minutes later, no time for medication to mature their lungs, there were no cries, just silence. Bethany weighed 1lb 7oz(800g), Giles 2lb (950g) and Eloise 2lb 2oz (1kg) Neither of them were breathing and all had to be ventilated and rushed off to NICU.

Giles, Eloise and Bethany

My son very nearly died,  that was the thing, he nearly died…. He didn’t die… I don’t have to experience what this mother is going through… My triplets were sick for a long time, one girl developed hydrocephalus, my boy was on oxygen for 12 months, 6 months at home coping with triplets and oxygen, not fun. He has cerebral palsy -a right sided hemiplegia, he has dystonia and syringomyaelia.  I  often cry and wish he didn’t have these conditions caused by his extreme prematurity. I see him struggle, get frustrated, it breaks my heart, but he’s alive and here with us, experiencing life to the best of his ability. My daughter with the hydrocephalus, has a mild hearing loss, but nothing serious. My other daughter, whilst she was the smallest, was the healthiest. I get to grow old with my triplets. The momma in the story doesn’t, I am truly blessed.



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