The Trippy Triplet Stroller is the complete ‘newborn to toddler’ package. It is one of the most expensive baby triplet strollers, but as the ‘seats’ for your triplets aren’t needed until much later, you can get the car seats and basinets first then buy the stroller seats when babies are big enough!  Be aware with the car seats that babies shouldn’t be left in them for long periods of time.  It has been found that their heads can flop forward and this constricts breathing.  I have written an article about this – car seats and infant carriers . Short periods of time is perfectly fine, or supporting your babies heads in a more upright position is also a good idea. There are cushions you can get that will do this.

You can mix and match the seats to suit children of different ages too. The style is unusual but very striking and contemporary colours available to make it one of the smartest triple baby strollers on the market. The configuration of the seats can also be changed, two and the front, one at the back, two at the back, one at the front, facing forwards, facing backwards, whichever you prefer !  There are a lot of details below about this stroller – dimensions of the different seats, the weight and my opinion on it.  The stroller is made in Poland and they offer a spare parts service.

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Brand: Trippy/Trippi
Model: 3-in-1 Triplet Stroller

Store Purchase: / international supplier

If you need spare parts, contact Konrad on this email address:


Trippy 3-in-1 Stroller
Chassis Weight : 30lbs (13.9kg)

Open Size with Car Seats attached : 51.5 x 45.5 x 32.5″ (131x116x83 cm)( a little difficult to give you all the dimensions as it depends on which seats you’re using.)Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 19.21.29

Wheels :

The stroller has four air pneumatic wheels, the front wheels smaller than the back. Shock absorber on rear axle. This makes the stroller light, easy to handle and extremely comfortable for all the occupants. The wheels can be detached for better foldability. The front has 360° swivel, lockable wheels.Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 19.21.39


The Trippy is a comfortable safe triple pram. With a lightweight frame, made from the best quality materials. The Trippy is made by BabyActive and are known for high producing high quality products. The frame folds to the size of a single stroller, however you do have to take the seats off first to achieve this, not so bad when theyre using car seats as these will click straight into the isofix bases in the car, but the stroller seats will create more of a storage problem so a good sized trunk will be a definite. Each seat (stroller or car) has a 5 point harness as standard. The rear wheels are equipped with safe “one push” linked foot brake and the front axle also has a handbrake


I think this is probably the most versatile stroller you are possibly going to find for triplets, with one chassis taking either car seat, stroller seat or basinet depending on your choice, and fitting with a one click attachment, there is nothing else quite like this on the market at the moment. The Trippy has an ergonomic handle that can be altered to suit the pusher of the pram, so no sore backs or aching shoulders. There is also an underseat shopping basket.

Travel System:

So as previously mentioned the chassis will take the car seats, basinets and stroller seats all with one click attachment.Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 06.52.38

The car seat is suitable from birth up to about 1 year (up to 24lbs). The seat has inserts to support the head, which can be removed as the baby grows. The seat comes with a removable canopy and foot covers. A three point harness with padding around shoulders and legs. The car seat can face forwards or backwards on the chassis.Compatible with BabyActive, Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Recaro and Romer car seat.

The stroller adapters that are offered by BabyActive are universal adapters that allow Cybex, Maxi Cost, Recaro and Romer car seats group 0/0+ but the adapter is not part of the package, so would have to be purchased separately.

The bassinet is suitable from birth up to about 1 year (up to 20lbs) although the baby will probably be sitting by this stage so a harness will need to be used in the basinet if still using. The basinet comes with an adjustable canopy and comfortable handles for carrying. The c over is removable and a soft mattress is also supplied. The basinet can be attached to face forwards or backwards as well.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 20.46.39

The stroller seat is suitable from around 4-6 months to about 3-5 years (up to 42lbs) But remember that if your babies do not have good head control they must be laid flat until they can support their own head well to avoid head and neck injuries.
The stroller seat has a canopy equipped with extra sun and wind protection that is adjustable and ventilated. The seats can also face forwards or backwards, they have adjustable foot rests and back rests ( not sure how many settings). The bumper bar is removable and a foot cover is included.


The fabrics used in the production of the prams are of the highest quality and are OecoTex certified.Triple pram BabyActive Trippy 2014 is made of the best quality materials. These prams are characterized by modern design and are amazingly functional. All the prams are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001s:2000 and hold B safety certification and security certificate EN, 1888. The manufacturers warranty is for one year.


The only real drawback is that the seats have to be removed to fold up the chassis, but once removed the chassis is only the size of a single stroller. So as long as you are happy with the fact that you will have three seats of various dimensions to store in your car/house, then this is the triple infant stroller/triplet baby stroller/triplet pushchair for you!


Diaper bag, parasols, rain cover

Comes in 6 different colours – red, purple, green, blue, beige, black


I love this stroller.  its one of the most expensive – well it was when I originally did this review in December ’15 but has since come down in price to a much more affordable cost!  It is the most versatile and gives you the choice of basinets, seats, car seats, all to clip onto the same chassis. One of the difficulties I had was the getting three babies into and out of my car, this would have made the back breaking job so much easier, they wouldn’t have been woken up and that you can’t buy!


Any questions :


  1. Thank you very much! Supper helpful.
    I am expecting triplets, single father.
    I will be in the US for 6 weeks after the babies are born.
    Then I will travel to Spain. Do you know by any chance if these car seats are the ones accepted by airlines?
    We will be only two adults travelling back. In this case, the airline requests that we buy three tickets/seats and one of the triplets uses the third seat with the car seat.
    Single father here, so a lot to learn!!

    One more last question; since I will be in the US for the first 4 to 6 weeks, could the babies sleep in the basinets included? (Trippy)

    Thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate it. Sat

    • Hi Sat! Thank you so much for your message ! Congratulations ! A scary but very exciting time ahead ! The Trippy 3-in-1 is an awesome stroller for triplets, one of the more expensive but high quality and very comfortable. The bassinets are very suitable for your babies to sleep in for the 4-6 weeks you are in the USA, the bassinets come with a soft mattress. The mattress can be covered with a soft sheet and muslin. The bassinets are actually big enough for a baby of 1 year, but at this stage the baby will be sitting and they are not so safe. I would recommend that you place the babies at the bottom of the bassinet during the night when you are not watching them, this is in case they wriggle down to the bottom and end up covering themselves with any top sheets, but I am sure your midwife will tell you this. The car seat that this stroller comes with is a standard car seat. For it to be safe for use on airplanes it must be FAA approved. I am not sure if this car seat is, but I have emailed the manufacturer to ask this question. I will get back to you as soon as I have an answer. The issue is whether if the airplane went upside down, whether the baby would stay fastened into the seat. I will check this with the manufacturer. I would say though, there are a few issues with car seats on airplanes. The first is for babies this small, they must be facing backwards and within the FAA guidelines, you have the final say, even if the air craft staff want you to place it forward facing. The aircraft seat must be forward facing but the baby car seat can face backwards, like it would in a car. The other point I would want to make is, have you read my blog on car seats? I wrote it last week. There was an article in my local newspaper about young babies in car seats for long periods of time. Have a read. You can find it listed on my home page, in the right hand side bar. I hope this is helpful and Ill be straight back to you when I have an answer from Baby Active (manufacturer of the Trippy) Have a great day!

  2. Dear Helen,
    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions and my email. I really appreciate it.
    In deed, your answers have been the most useful tips and explanations I have obtained so far. I truly thank you.
    There are not many options on strollers for triplets.
    Also, you stated things that I was not considering on my selection. I will follow your advice on getting the car seats and basinets first and then the stroller seats
    Thank you very much for asking the manufacture, I would have not known where to start::☺ I look forward to receiving your comments on this.
    Do you know if I can by the Trippy 3-in-1 online? Could it be delivered to the LA?
    I have been searching online but I am a bit concern with the delivering time.
    I have also checked with the airline but they have not replied yet. As far as I know the only one that is approved by the FAA is this one. This is what a found online!
    I will check your blog on car seats.
    Do you have a link to Baby Active?
    It is the greatest moment of my life. I can express how anxious I am to have them on my arms. It is challenging, but I am feeling really, really, really happy!
    Again, thank you very much for your time and generosity on writing to me.
    Have a great everything! Saturnino

    • Dear Saturnino

      Sadly there are not many Triplet strollers to choose from, I agree that the choice is limited. Once they get to a larger size, or are starting to walk there are other options but by then you have already got over the worst ! The manufacturer BabyActive got back to me this morning. The car seats have a European Safety Standard with them, similar to the FAA from the USA. It is E20 44R-04 4000. The information below is taken directly from a UK In Car Safety Information website, as you can see it also includes a rollover test, which the seat has to pass, this is the important part as far as airlines are concerned. I would speak to your airline to double check this, but also when you board the plane, make sure you have the documentation that comes with the car seat stating this safety test, along with the information below (you can download this directly from

      Regulations ECE R44 03&04 & Regulation R129

      By Law, children’s car seats have been subjected to accident simulation testing. There are currently two regulations; ECE R44 04 and since 2015 ECE R129.

      Under Regulations ECE R44 03 & 04, seats must, amongst other requirements, undergo frontal collision testing at a speed of 50km/h and rear impact collision testing at 30km/h. In Supplement 16 of R44 04 the seat is also subjected to a rollover test. All these tests are undertaken with dummies that represent the weight category of the child approved for the correct weight group of seat. Results of these tests must fall within the requirements of the Regulation.

      However, having looked into this, and as a consequence of the blog I wrote last week about the safety of car seats for babies, particularly smaller babies, such as twins or triplets, I have been looking at other car seats and have found newly designed seats. I will be doing a blog on car seats later today that I will send you the link for, but these car seats are specially designed with new safety requirements and can allow the baby to be fully laid flat and therefore no risk to their airway. The seats have to be used with an isofix base, but can be attached to the Trippy chassis with an adapter. The isofix base will fit onto the airplane seat and the baby seat then attaches to it. These seats grow with the child so there is then no need to buy larger ones as they get bigger. I am looking into distributors of the Trippy that can get it to you in LA. Can you tell me when you would need delivery?

  3. Dear Helen,
    Thank you very much for your feedback and advice. Supper useful!
    I will check your new article on Infant Carriers for extra inf.
    Max 4 to 5 Weeks.
    We will fly BA+Iberia. Good news; they accept European Safety Standards (E20 44R-04 4000).
    Thank you very much for the link. I will get in touch with them today. I am behind schedule, so I would need them to delivery it ASAP.
    Again, thank you very much for all your info and help. It has in deed helped me a lot! Best regards, Saturnino

    • Dear Saturnine

      I am glad that I have been able to help and if you want any further advice about anything at all about your triplets, please email me ! I loved my time when my babies were small and I know you will too. Its hard work, tiring but the rewards are truly worth it. One last thing, where in Spain are you going to be living ? I live in Spain too ! I am in Andalusia !

      best regards

  4. Dear Helen,
    I contacted Karina, she might be able to do it on time. Thank you sooo much.
    The link to eBay does not work, just for your inf :::)
    I read your article on Infant Carriers, great article. I have posted on my Facebook and people loved it.
    Do you think I would need a neck rest for the trip back to Spain? Is that needed with these car seats?
    Also, I was considering buying the car seats and basinets first and then the stroller seats. I am not too sure they do this. Karina sells the entire package together, and ebay sell basinets and the stroller seats together. They do not give you options to change this combination.
    Thank you so much. I love your articles. Supper useful and helpful!!
    Gracias. Flying back to Madrid! I normally live in the UK ;;;)

    • Dear Saturnino
      Thank you so much for your feedback! I am so pleased it was all of help and I hope you will find my website helpful with other things as your triplets grow up. I think the neck rests are ideal if you are travelling and cannot keep an eye on your babies whilst you drive, say you’re by yourself and travelling. That way you know that their head is held in the correct position throughout the journey but as you are, initially anyway, travelling where one or other of you will be able to watch your baby, you will be able to gently adjust their head should it flop forward and so keep the airway open. So I don’t think you will need them as you will be around the triplet in the car seat all the time. I recommend the car seat and bassinets first because to be honest, the stroller seats are of no use right away and it reduces down the expense at the beginning, giving you time to catch your breath before you need the stroller seats. Ideally the babies should be flat or as near flat as much as possible until they have stronger neck muscle and can support their heads better. Thanks Saturnino for all your support for my website ! best regards Helen

  5. know how to get this stroller in the US? I have been searching this for a week and everything says will not ship to USA. I don’t need the carseats or cots, just the stroller seats and stroller.

    • Hi Heather, I have a link on my review for this stroller and they are based in the USA. As I remember, they ship worldwide and shipping within the USA is free. I hope this helps !

    • Hi, Yes this stroller is most definitely still available from baby world in the USA and they will ship worldwide. If you click onto the link, it will take you directly to their website. Thank you for your comment ! 🙂

  6. Does this stroller allow you to choose a different car seats or are you locked in like the peg perego? Expecting trips and trying to figure out the best solution.

    • This stroller has a few choices as far as car seats are concerned, so you dont have only one choice.. If you follow the link to the link, it will take you to Baby World and they offer various options for customising exactly what you want. The price is very reasonable but obviously will increase if you decide to go with the bassinets and car seats etc. Compatible with Trippy is, Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Recaro and Romer car seat gr. 0/0+ I personally used the Recaro with my triplets, they have the isofix fittings so they snap straight into the base in the car. Im not sure if you are in the UK or USA, this site is european. Let me know if you are looking in the USA as the only place I know of is very expensive, so I can do a search for you to try and find a more realistic price. It may be that the price for the stroller from the european distributor still works out better even with international postage. But I am happy to help if you need further assistance. 🙂

      • Hey!! I am also pregnant with triplets and this is the ONLY stroller system that even seems remotely worth buying! I am in the US and trying to find a way to get this and make it work. Can we use these car seats in the US? I was told it they are not compatible with US standards?? But the one site I have seen in the US That sells them recommended the 2 in 1 and buy US car seats… the price is absurd especially since the 2 in 1 doesn’t include car seats and then we’d have to pay at least 900$ more for Car seats. Any help and advice would be so extremely appreciated!!

        • Hi Caitlin, thanks for your message ! The Trippy 3-in-1 is an awesome stroller and to be honest is the most popular for triplets because it’s so versatile. The stroller is sold by Karinas Strollers in the USA and she has the whole package including car seats. I would certainly recommend you use car seats that are compatible with US standards. The standards are very similar to the UK but much easier for you to go with standard car seats in the USA. What I would recommend is to give Karina a call and have a chat with her about exactly what you want. I am not sure I would have found use for the bassinets. I took mine out for short strolls in their car seats for the first few months and I hardly used the bassinets I had bought. I am sure that Karina will be able to help you and congratulations ! Its going to be a busy time when they arrive and you will be very tired, but they are blessings! Anything I can help you with, please ask!

    • Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for your message. This stroller is very popular but unfortunately there is no local distributor for the Trippy. The nearest would be in Galway in Ireland. There is no eBay seller right now either that actually has them here in the UK and the amazon link order would be fulfilled by a store in France. Im so sorry that I can’t help, the stroller is made in Poland and it does surprise me that there is no distributor in the UK, but it is top of the range for triplet strollers. I know this doesnt help you find one to actually go look at, but if I can help any further, please do get back to me. Helen 🙂

  7. I have this stroller, I use it almost everyday. I’m always on the go. Key me give a real life opinion. It’s very hard to steer, the front wheels tend to bend at the chassis rather than spin and roll. This unfortunately causes the front right plastic sheets the tires attach to the frame to snap and bend on me in the mall with all 3 babies and no help. I was able to lock the front right wheel and pull the stroller out back wards to my car. I talked my husband into this very expensive stroller with the argument we would only ever need one. We went through 4 types with our oldest through trial and error. This stroller really was perfect other than that issues. Always received looks and compliments on it. It is difficult on your own to load in and out of the van. But I managed even with a bad back. I’m hoping we can find a replacement part

    • Hi Cathryne, Thanks so much for giving your ‘on the spot’ opinion on the Trippy. I think there is never a perfect stroller and moms of triplets unfortunately don’t have a great deal of choice. I think you are right in saying that the stroller is perfect, with reservation. Do you have the details of the manufacturer? I have been in contact with him, and I am hopeful that they will be able to offer you a replacement part. The Trippy is a very expensive stroller and it is perfectly reasonable to expect prompt replacement. If I can be of any help, please drop me an email and I will help all I can to put you in the direction of replacement part. 🙂

    • Hi Kymberly, The stroller will support all three of your babies. The car seats and bassinets are suitable up to a year old and the stroller seats from 4-6 months up to 3-5 years. Thats quite a wide age range, but they will hold a toddler up to 42 lbs each. So the whole chassis will hold 3 toddlers of 42 lbs. At 20 months I would certainly expect the trippy will be perfect for your toddler and twins. Don’t use the car seats for longer than 1/2 hour at a time when theyre really small. They need to be flat for the majority of the time and the car seats, unless you use the new 0+ car seats (which will fit this chassis with adapters). The 0+ car seats can be car seats when used in the car but change to lie flat when on the chassis. Once your babies get head control, they can move up to the stroller seats ( like your toddler). I hope this has been helpful and if I can offer more advice, please drop me a line !

  8. A baby stroller can keep your baby safe, offer a comfortable seat to take naps or play with toys. Generally, baby strollers come in different sizes, styles, variations and features. I have A stroller and a car seat for my baby.

    • This is so true.. It is one of the most important and probably one of the most expensive for any new parents. Cleary for twins and triplets moms and dads, it is a huge expense! 🙁

  9. Hi Helen,
    I have been using the Trippy 3-in-1 for almost a year and it is absolutely brilliant. I am now seeking a replacement part and have emailed Konrad at the above address you suggested. If you are able to assist in any way in arranging a replacement part that would be most appreciated. I am located in Australia and am also looking to have a temporary part made here while I wait for the new part but I’m not sure how successful this will be. If you have any suggestions please let me know – I have photos of the exact part that I need so can send them through if that will be helpful (I included them in my email to Konrad). Thanks in advance Helen, regards Shannon

    • Hi Shannon, if you send me the part you are looking for, I will do my best to help. It might be that waiting for Konrad may be the best option but nothing lost in searching around for spares… 🙂

  10. Hi
    I am a childminder who walks a lot but I now need a 3 seater pram. I keep looking at this pram but worried it will be hard to turn with 3 2 1/5 yr old toddlers. Can you advise me on the ease of turning with the 3 toddlers in as there would be a lot of weight at the front? Also could you put a baby and toddler at front with second toddler at back or would it affect the balance of the pram?
    Many thanks

    • Hello Barbara, Thanks so much for your message and question. The stroller is very stable, but naturally it is going to be harder to turn as the toddlers get heavier but I dont think you will find any overbalancing with two toddlers and a baby in the stroller. If this concerns you, it may be better to have the two toddlers at the front the baby in the back, this would keep the weight even. This stroller is built to carry 3 toddlers of the same age and weight up to a weight of 42lbs each. It is one of the most versatile strollers and whilst it is ideal for triplets, it is also very suitable for twins and a baby or three babies/toddlers of different ages. I hope this information is of help!

  11. Hi,I like one model. For twins plus toddler. How I can order in Cyprus. And I wand more information. How many chair they have , prices…

  12. Hi all

    We are also expecting triplets!

    Does anyone know what the total weight (in kgs) would be for the chassis, 3 x carrycots, 3 x car seats with new Born inserts and Isofix bases, 3 x stroller seats?

    Thanks all.



    • Congratulations! Its going to be busy !!

      Ive sent you an email about the weights Barbara. Some of them are not easy to find !

      Best of luck with your trio and if I can help further, just call.. If you like, subscribe to my website to receive emails on deals for twins and triplets and all my blogs !

  13. Hi Helen,
    we are also expecting triplets and very exited about it >:)

    and looking for ideal 3 in 1 option in order to have one stroller for the first couple of years.
    We are based in Manchester, would you who would be the retailer for UK?
    and whether we could buy in two different steps as you have recommended before…

    thank you very much!


    • Hi Lejla,

      Congratulations !!

      The only retailer right now for the Trippy is based in Ireland, in Galway – Baby World. if you follow the ‘international supplier’ link on the Trippy review, it will take you to their website. They will be able to help you with ordering the parts that you want right now.,

      I hope thats of help. If I can do anything else, please let me know ? Perhaps you would like to subscribe to my website and then you’ll receive up to date posts that will be of help when your triplets arrive !

      Best regards


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