The three wide (triple side by side ) stroller is considerably wider than a double or tandem stroller. Three seats in a row, easy to watch all three at once and fun for them when they are old enough to interact with each other and they can all see where they’re going, which when they’re toddlers, its more important. It also means they’re able to get in and out of the stroller themselves, (when they’ve had their harness undone of course).

I got a three wide umbrella style stroller much later on in my triplets toddlerhood. I had a tandem stroller to start with but as they got older and required a stroller that wasn’t as robust, I got an umbrella style three wide, that was lightweight and I could throw it in the back of the car and it wouldn’t fill up the whole of the trunk, leaving no space for any shopping etc. The three wide stroller wasn’t as easy to navigate through doorways or pavements, but I used it for days out, at the zoo or theme park, somewhere that didnt mean I had to use standard pavements.  My triplets loved it, they were able to see what was going on without someone in front of them. They used to fight as to who sat at the front of the tandem so this solved a lot of issues.

 There are more three wide triple strollers that I haven’t included here generally because they can’t be used from birth or they are almost identical to ones that are featured. Do check my blogs as I will review new product as they become available. I have listed the three wide strollers below that I reviewed.

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Triplet Umbrella Stroller -Kidzkargo

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