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There are so many breast pumps on the market now, handheld, battery operated, electric/rechargeables. I thought it was time to revisit the whole subject and see what’s new over the last year.

Most offer the same sort of thing – a closed system of initiating the vacuum to start expressing, so the thin tubing thats used to do this doesn’t come into contact with breastmilk so doesn’t require any special care or cleaning – so a good step forward! Most also offer the facility to express directly into the bottle used to feed the baby.  This is fine, if you are going to bottle feed exclusively, but if you are wanting to offer both bottle and breast you may want to choose a bottle that is classed as a good ‘breastfeeding bottle’ which seems to be a contradiction in terms but some are designed to reduce nipple confusion in your babies, so offering you the choice of breast or bottle feeding your babies. A perfect scenario for twins or triplet moms, if you have family and friends around to help with feeding, your babies can still be bottle and breast fed, rotating them around through the day.  The breast pumps will allow you to improve your milk production by pumping in between feeds so you have plenty for bottle feeding too.

Take a look at the best double breast pumps reviews I have updated and improved and have a look at the best breastfeeding bottles too !


I have searched for the best prices for all my reviews. Please leave me comments about my reviews, and let me know if there is anything you would like reviews on !



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