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Ive been thinking about the things that I wish I had known when I was pregnant with my triplets, so I decided a blog on tips on triplets pregnancy, or twins for that matter, would be a great idea!   I remember when I found out I was having triplets, I was around 6 weeks pregnant.  I had been super sick so the doctor had arranged a very early scan…. there were three sacs, easily seen and three heart beats. OMG!!  Whilst I was thrilled to be pregnant, we had been trying for 5 years, but three !!   I swung from feeling on top of the world and being able to cope with ANYTHING…. to feeling totally overwhelmed.

8 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was Pregnant With Triplets/Twins

You will cope – It will be different but you will cope! 

Its natural to be anxious and even if I’m honest, frightened.  I had never been pregnant before so that was scary in itself, but the fact that there were going to be 3 was overwhelming.  I wasn’t sure at the time I would cope, but I did and you will too. Its surprising how resilient you become. Routines will not be the same, they will be very different but you are capable of adapting and getting into new routines with your twins/triplets. I think because I had never had a baby before, I had no experience of one, so having three, I just had to get the routine that would work and I survived it, you will too !

You will be tired, but not as much as you think

You might not think that you will right now, but you will. The one piece of advice I would give you right now, is that when they’re all home, sleep when they sleep. They will sleep at night but at the start, it will be possibly in only 3 hour increments and by the time you have the 3rd settled there may only be a couple of hours before they wake again. If you can get any help, or get offered help ( I was given 4 hours a day by my local authority because one of my triplets is disabled) take it willingly.  The help can do the bottle washing, baby clothes and tidying just to keep things ticking over. Don’t expect to be able to plan to do anything in the first few weeks as you need to get your babies into a good routine, which will enable you to achieve larger blocks of sleep over time. I found that by the time my triplets were 12 weeks old ( corrected age) and weighed around 8lbs, they started to sleep for a good 4 hours at night, which was fabulous !

True friends will be there for you

This is definitely true… ! Obviously family come and help out, but friends don’t have to, some won’t but you will be surprised how many will come to help.  I had a friend, a special care nurse, who would come at night sometimes. This was a complete godsend! We would be able to sleep all night, whilst she stayed up and sorted the triplets out. Those complete nights sleep, occasionally were enough to keep me going until the night that they missed a feed.  You could do with a friend like that, or if that is too scary for your friends, then coming during the day and taking them for a walk for a couple of hours, so you can sleep would equally shore you up !  I found that some of my friends offered help when I was pregnant, but they seemed to disappear into the ether once they had arrived! Maybe overawed with three at once, but equally I felt a little abandoned.

Hold A Diaper Shower!

This idea is awesome ! It doesn’t matter what size, because they will all come in at some point, but you are  going to need a lot  and they’re not cheap!  Join my subscription service and you will receive monthly updates on where to get the cheapest diapers in the USA and UK.  This can make a BIG difference.  Get all your friends and family round for a diaper/nappy shower, they can bring other things as well – the usual baby shower gifts, but must bring a pack of diapers/nappies too ! If you are deciding whether to use cloth diapers and either haven’t decided or have, still hold it because I can assure you, you will not have the time for cloth diapers in the first few months, there will be too little time to sleep as it is without having to wash cloth diapers. Once your babies are sleeping through the night or for longer periods at night, you can swap over to cloth then if this is your choice. If you want to read more about cloth diapers, hop over to my page : Cloth Diapers

Duct Tape Diapers!

Following on from the previous tip!  I kid you not ! I had a diaper dipper ! This was not pleasant at all… Imagine coming into the nursery to find the walls, floor, cots and anything else that didn’t move fast enough (my son) smeared with the contents of the diaper  ! Need I say more……..?  So once you get to toddler stage, get a reel of duct tape because if you think you can get early enough to get those diapers changed before the artist starts work.. you can’t !  Interestingly, the daughter who was the culprit of this redecoration, is actually very artistic these days… but with different mediums !

The first year is really tough

To be honest, it will be a nightmare! Your first year will be manic… full of crying babies, tiredness, dirty diapers ! Hopefully healthy babies, doing what babies do. There will be lots of tears from you, through tiredness and through the joy of bringing up your babies too.  My triplets were very premature so the first year was extremely hard indeed. My son was on oxygen at home, for the first 9 months, all three had reflux, some worse than others, it was a year that I honestly wouldn’t want to repeat. I hope you have a smoother time, but be under no illusion that dealing with two or three babies at once is sheer hard work. Tiredness will become a friend… I went to the optician to see what was wrong with my contact lenses because my vision was blurred…. turns out thats what tiredness does !  I think if you’re expecting the worst, that you will feel like death, the actuality of it is never so bad, so prepare for the worst and enjoy the best !

Not every mom can breastfeed….

Sometimes this isn’t possible and I’m not meaning because you have two or three babies, because there is nothing stopping you from breastfeeding two at a time and swapping the triplets round for the next feed so that all three get a breastfeed through the day. Coupled with some of the great breastfeeding bottles, you don’t have the issue of nipple confusion. Take a look at my reviews on breastfeeding bottles.  But sometimes this isn’t possible, either you’re not well after the delivery and formula needs to be used to feed the babies, or like me, with very tiny preemies who couldn’t suck for several weeks.  I expressed breastmilk for a few weeks but the worry and strain of preemie triplets took its toll and my milk dried up.  Ive since had a single baby and know what it should have been like, so I missed something there but it didn’t affect my bonding with my triplets and as they were very tiny, it also meant we could monitor better how much they were taking. So don’t feel bad if you can’t breastfeed, or only manage it for a few weeks because of the tiredness and the strain on you, you’re not alone !  They will thrive regardless!

Twin/Triplet bonding is beautiful, but its okay to split them up too!

So this was something I never thought about. I suppose because Im not a twin or triplet and don’t know the feeling of being one. I was very surprised with my three how they fretted when one or other wasn’t there.  My son had frequent hospital appointments during his toddlerhood and the girls would often stay with a friend, but they would be miserable whilst we were away.  However as they got older, 3-4 years, we realised that whilst they are very close, they are individuals and need alone time too, something you don’t get as a twin or triplet much.  So we started doing different things with them, or different family members would take one out for a few hours so they had individual time.

Its not something that as a singleton you think is important because you get it without even realising it but as a twin or triplet, always vying for attention with either 1 or 2 others wanting the same thing.

We went to listen to a talk at Queen Charlottes Hospital when I was pregnant with the triplets. It was a talk given by Dr Elizabeth Bryan about triplets. She put an image up of a little girl who had collected stones, petals, leaves, sticks and made a pretty circular pattern on the grass. Dr Bryan asked us if she was one of twins or triplets, of course we couldn’t tell from the image, but she could. She said that this child was a singleton, because she would never have been able to finish the pattern in peace if she was a twin or triplet.  That was a perfect example for us to see how important it is for our twins and triplets to develop individually.  For me, my triplets, once they started school, were all good at different subjects, so as they are getting older, there is no competition between them. A good thing I think !

Tell me what you think about these suggestions, I hope they help you be prepared for a few things that you might not have thought about in the first few heady days of hearing you are having a multiple pregnancy.  If I can help with anything, please message me!



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