I thought I would add this trailer to my super list of side by side strollers because it can be used attached to a bicycle but also as a stroller and converted with different wheels into a jogging stroller too ! So hugely versatile ! Up hill, down dale, across sand, fields and …. well just about anywhere you can think of !  When you are forking out for a twin stroller, to have something that will do everything you could possibly need has got to be a consideration ? 🙂  Thule is a well known brand for many products to do with the outdoors, this one comes with the benchmark quality expected of Thule.


Brand: Thule
Model: Chariot Cross 2 Multisport
T&TW Rating:???/4
Opinion: Adaptable for cycling, jogging, skiing, walking.

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  • Suitable from 6 months (Not advisable to use under 6 months due to the movement likely to occur)
  • Twin trailer up to a weight capacity of 45kg.
  • Padded seats with 5 point harness.
  • Seats are independently adjustable – reclinable
  • Ventilated interior so no steaming up when on the road
  • Can be attached to the back of a bike, with leaf spring suspension to keep the ride a smooth one for your twins.
  • Can be used as a four-wheel stroller/ jogger (with jogger wheel set)
  • Easy to change from stroller to chariot mode for cycling
  • Adjustable handle in stroller/jogger mode.
  • Can be converted for skiing, with the ski set.
  • Stroller comes with everything required for strolling/cycling.
  • Built in rain cover to front mesh (which can be rolled out of the way)
  • Brake lock at the rear to keep the chariot locked still.
  • Sleep shade included and can be attached as required.
  • All wheels can be removed to store or pack into the boot of a car.
  • Has reflectors, but not headlights.
  • Tons of accessories on Amazon !


Moms found the stroller roomy and comfortable with sturdy straps. A well made stroller.

Smooth ride over bumps and uneven roads.

Easy to set up, less than 15 minutes.

Large stroller, as you would expect for a running stroller, but fold nicely so not difficult to store when not in use.




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