Thought about Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes?


Have your thought about using homemade cloth baby wipes ? The cost of baby wipes is ever increasing, and with the global concern about plastics, preservatives, allergens, have you ever looked what is actually in your baby wipes? Bearing in mind that whatever is on your baby wipes is essentially a ‘leave on’ product. You wipe your baby’s botty with them right? Then you don’t wash your baby’s botty with clean water ….. so whatever was on the wipe, is now on your baby’s botty.


As a mom of triplets, I know how many baby wipes I went through in the diapering department.  We didn’t use them during feeding time, as we had spit cloths and face cloths for all that, but I used the main prime brands of baby wipe and not only does cost shock me ($500 per baby) but also the chemicals I was using and now with the reduction of plastic use, I got to thinking about homemade cloth baby wipes.

If you’re not cloth diapering, and why should you with twins or triplets (a ton of washing) maybe you would consider cloth baby wipes?  Saves money and is much kinder to your babies bottoms and the environment?


You will need….

  • Oxo Wipes Dispenser – basically this is a box  with a weighted plate inside with a hole in the centre to pull the cloth wipe through…. It has a gasket in the lid to ensure a complete seal around the box and keep those cloth wipes damp.
  • 3 dozen cloth wipes per baby
  • 3 cups distilled water
  • 1tsp Wild Soapery Baby Bottom Butter




  • Fill the dispenser with the warm distilled water,
  • Add a teaspoon of Wild Soapery Baby Bottom Butter (or other baby butter if you cant get WildSoapery).
  • Swoosh around in the water until the butter has dissolved.
  • Introduce the wipes a few at a time, turn them, add dry ones in between and squash them until the water has gone and each one is equally damp.
  • Pop the weighted plate ontop, feed the first one partially through the hole in the plate and you’re good to go!

You can order all the elements of the cloth wipe system below, easy and quick.  But what about washing?   Well they can be washed alongside your cloth diapers if you are using cloth… but if you’re not, and I certainly don’t blame you with twins or triplets, life is too short ! So with twins you will need around 3 dozen and triplets 4dozen cloth wipes and follow these instructions……..

  • Get 2 antibacterial waste bin liners such as PlanetWise Liner ( Amazon ). – one in use and one in the wash.
  • Insert into a flip lid waste bin (one with a foot pedal).
  • Use and drop the cloth into the waste bin.
  • Wash cloth wipes daily – empty into the washer, add in the waste bin liner.
  • Wash at 60°C with a baby diaper detergent such as GroVia Mighty Bubbles powder.
  • Line dry if you can, or tumble dry if you can’t !

To order an Oxo Wipe Dispenser 

UK Oxo Box USA Oxo Button

To Order WildSoapery Baby Bottom Butter

If you cant get hold of the Wild Soapery Baby Bottom Butter, you can use any baby bottom butter or mix up your own ingredients.
Baby Bottom Butter

To Order Cloth Wipes

You can get hold of cloth wipes from all over the place, Etsy, Ebay, or follow my link to buy them.  If you prefer, you could make them yourself (or rope in a grandma !) if you do, follow this link to a great page that shows you how to go about it.

UK Bamboo WipesUSA Bamboo Baby Wipes

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