The Twins and Triplets World Way To Surviving Newborns

Ok so you are expecting twins? or Triplets?  This is the perfect article for you – The Twins and Triplets World Way to Surviving Newborns… Its true to say that your newborns won’t be any different to any other newborn but you will have two of them or three… I had three.. Mine arrived super early at 27 weeks but they were in hospital for 12 weeks and came home on their due date.

They weren’t newborns as such, but they had all same characteristics as newborns – waking every 2-3 hours – I thought being in NICU all this time they would have adjusted to the night/day thing, but no….☹️

So The Twins and Triplets World Way to Survive Triplets is bourne from personal experience!

Prepared Meals

Don’t underestimate the importance of having evening meals sorted out for at least the first couple of months or so… You will really appreciate a meal in the evening after a solid day of baby caring.   If you’re super woman you can get those meals into the freezer before the babies arrive… I should have done more whilst they were in NICU but I had no concept of how shattered I would feel at the end of a day. My three were my first, so nothing to compare it with !

If you’re not a kitchen queen, then get a rota going with family and friends, bring a meal a week? My friends were great at bringing round a meal when they visited, popped it into the freezer – a lasagne, fish pie, cottage pie, even a couple of pizzas.  Enough for hubby and I.  He was a junior doctor at the time and was super tired when he got home from work.

If you live away from family/friends, look into a meal delivery service. There are some that will deliver ready made meals that you simply reheat – I’m not meaning those ones from the supermarket but ones that are delivered direct to your door… Expensive you probably think, some are, but once a week it would make a treat to look forward to..

There are others that will deliver meals to cook within 30 minutes and these suppliers will deliver everything you need in a neat box. Whilst it’s not just a reheat, which has its positives, but also negatives in preservatives etc the quick prep meals are super tasty and feel like you’re having a special meal without the hassle of going out – Hello Fresh offer this both in the UK and USA.

Accepting Help

I was reluctant before my triplets were born to accept the fact that I would need help.  I wanted to be responsible for the experiences they had and to be perfectly honest I was frequently frustrated and I admit… downright cross about some things that happened… usually one of my relatives would take it upon themselves to decide something about one of them that they had no right to do… such as picking them up out of their crib when they were asleep instead of leaving them as I had asked, just because they wanted to cuddle them. They thought they were cute…😡 …. It made me cross and even more inadequate… I have to be honest looking back on it, those issues were not important, the babies were safe, well cared for but I think I was just being unrealistic about how tired we would all be and that I couldn’t feel in control all the time.

Accept help, but work it so that it is when you need it.  Get help to come for lunchtime… help feed, then take the twins/triplets out for a long walk in the afternoon so you can get some sleep. Don’t think, ooh…. Ill get the washing on or I’ll empty the dishwasher..Get sleep !  Surviving the newborn stage is all about getting enough sleep…. and the washing will wait.

This was me and hubby… I look at this photo and remember how dog tired we were… We could barely keep our eyes open and I remember going to see the optician to get my eyes tested as I thought I needed glasses… only to be told that there was nothing wrong with my eyes, I was just TIRED !



Night Time Support 

This is a tricky one…. The only way we survived the nights as my hubby was a junior doctor at the time and had on calls to do, was with family coming to help, usually my mom who lived over 500 miles away, as and when she could due to her work, or paying for a night nurse from the hospital every so often.. Occasionally my cousin might come, which was excellent. So we managed with various support through the first 3 months.

If you have any family or friends offer to come for a night, snap their hands off ! And if they want to come in 2’s, all the better… the ideal is that you get a nights sleep to keep on coping. We managed, despite my hubby being away some nights, somehow we got though it.  I even remember one of my sister in laws mothers coming a few times over a period of  a c0uple of months to do a night… One night doesn’t upset anyones equilibrium, they can go home afterwards but for you, its a godsend, so start signing friends and relatives up for a night or two…

Once you get past the first few months of newborn life and move into the baby stage… hoping that night feed will drop and you’ll get a few more uninterrupted hours of sleep, you might want to think about reading my Ebook on Baby Sleeping….  It is a free download when you subscribe to my website… It talks you through the process to get your twins/triplets missing that night feed and giving you a solid 6 hours sleep.


Take a look at what you receive when you subscribe to Twins and Triplets World.



Be Realistic

Unlike me who thought I could be super mom, when clearly I wasnt, especially as I had to have a c section, be realistic ! With the best will in the world you cannot manage two or three newborns single handed. These celeb moms that two weeks after having their babies, theyre back into their skinny jeans and thigh high boots… This wasn’t me. There is so much pressure on new moms to be everything, and have everything.  Its way too much pressure… Especially if you have two or three babies. Breastfeeding – you may want to try at least to breast feed once a day ( I couldn’t as mine were in NICU)  and coupled with the long nights, you have to  take care of yourself too. So trying to fit the mould set by those celebrities that have day nannies and night nannies is not realistic.

There is plenty of time over the next few months for super mom to emerge.   Be kind to yourself. Hormones will be raging along with the severe tiredness, don’t pile on extra stress by trying to be all things. You have a lifetime with your babies, a few months caring for them and yourself without the outside pressures of society is not too much. With all the rushing about you will do for your multiples, you will start getting back into shape without realising it.  Don’t listen to other moms, they over-exaggerate and make you feel like a bad mother….


So try to maintain perspective after your twins or triplets arrive.  I think if they hadn’t been my first, I would have been more realistic and appreciated that life doesn’t carry on the same as before… twins or triplets don’t slot into life like nothing has happened, they create a whirlwind of chaos that is both relentless and joyful!

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  1. I had two sets of twins three years apart.  My boys had just turned 3 when my girls were born, and so I understand for sure how important it is to have prepared meals for those first couple of months.  When I came home from the hospital with my daughters, a dear friend of mine and her husband came to my house with a box.  It will full of food individually wrapped in tin foil.  Each little package was labelled with what was inside, and each was an individual dinner for me of the most delicious food.  Wow, I was actually overcome with emotion, it was one of the nicest things anybody had ever done for me.  I didn’t have to think about or worry about food for myself, and they were all nutritious and delicious meals.  

    • ooh Babsie, thats a tough situation, with two sets of twins ! But what wonderful friends, that is exactly the friends twins and triplet parents need when they are home with newborns. Im so glad you had support ! 

  2. I can’t even imagine how crazy it would be with triplets, especially newborns. I remember when my son was a newborn how much work it was. And that was just with one kid. My hat is off to you. 

    I like your points about preparing meals, having realistic expectations and asking for help. Here are a few questions I have for you.

    How do handle sleep? Do they all sleep at the same time?

    Do you feed the kids all at once, or one at a time?

    What is the # 1 tip you would tell new parents with triplets about managing their time?

    I look forward to hearing back from you. 

    • They were certainly crazy times… We had to have them doing the same thing at the same time, particularly at night, so when one woke, they were fed and the other two were woken up. It wasnt so much the time feeding as the time resettling that was the problem. I have to be honest I got to hate the nursery at night…. and even now when I think of it, I come out in a cold sweat.. 

      I think the main thing for parents of triplets that I would pass on is, dont have any fixed ideas about how you want things to be, its no good trying to be super mom or dad, it wont work. Accept the help youre offered, and dont sweat the small stuff. Really when they get to be toddlers, it really doesnt matter whether they had their diaper changed before of after being fed or whether they got a bath every night nor not, or had a bit of spit up on their babygrow. As long as they are safe, happy and you are getting some sleep, let the small stuff slide. 

  3. Wow Helen, I will say congratulations on your triplets first of all! I can only imagine the difficulty of having triplets and I am glad you have written a blog on what to expect and how to handle the situation. I could only imagine how important meal preparation must be having triplets. I do hope your kids have similar taste, because that would only make it an added challenge. Respect to you for being able to confront those who may have similar situations to yourself. I only have one kid and he is a handful Haha. I hope that you and your family have a blessed day:)

    • Thanks Cliff.. To be honest, I really dont know whether they all like the same things to eat, they all get the same things and eat it, so I think thats good enough ! 🤣They can be picky when theyre making their own meals ! 

  4.  Hi question. Did you have post partum depression with the triplets? How did you manage the depression…if you had any? As you mentioned , I often felt  like the  inadequate mum as I worked through all my pregnancies. I would often get depressed because I hadn’t lost the weight or  I wasn’t playing with the babies enough or making every babymeal and parent meal from scratch…lol. Looking back  now I see it was crazy but as you said…there is far too much pressure…and I had  didn’t even have triplets…so this must be crazy!

    • Thanks Liz for your thoughts about this.  I honestly didnt  get any depression as such.  I think really because practicality took over, and it was a day in day out of doing the stuff that babies need doing. I think that society makes new parents feel inadequate and I have to put some of the blame at the door of celebrities, showing their two week post birth body and looking like they are getting a good 8 hours sleep a night and have the perfect baby so we feel that if we havent got that, then it must be our fault. It is crazy, you are right. I was a terrible baby, my mom said I cried so much in the first year they thought I was brain damaged, but my mom didnt have the intrusion of social media etc that is around today. It is sad that we are so affected by all this.  

  5. I have twin grandchildren who were born very early and had a long stay in NICU.  My son and his wife had some of the same problems that you were experiencing but have handled it all beautifully.  They’re fraternal (a boy and a girl) and they each have their little quirks! They’re now 12 years old and it has been a pleasure watching them grow up.  Al the best to you and your hubby with those three sweet children!

    • Thankyou Cheryl. My three were super premature at 27 weeks. They were in NICU for 12 weeks. I am so pleased that your grandchildren have blossomed over the years, NICU is scary and worrisome but as my three are testament to the amazing care they got. 

  6. Hi Helen. My husband and I married a year ago and we are planning on having a child. We hope to have twins too but that is under God’s control. This article is very helpful whether you have twins or not. Preparing meals months in advance saved in a freezer is a great idea. My sister just delivered her first baby and she needed all the help she can get. Thankfully, her husband’s parents retired and is living with them, and they have two other adult brothers who help with shopping. So they have plenty of help. But I don’t have that sort of help near me. My husband’s family is in India and my mother passed away years ago. Closest help would be my sister. I’ll be checking your website to refer when the time comes for sure!

    • Thankyou Shellykh, Much of my advice is the same as for single babies, I am sure you will be super organised, and it is surprising what friends come to help when you need it.  I hope you have a wonderful family ! 

  7. Wow, I knew that having triplets would be a lot of hard work but I never thought it would be so so hard. How did you find time to sleep. I had one child and I thought I was having a rough time. I did, however, have a lot of help luckily. And although I had a micro preemie, he did sleep well. Good article.

    • Thanks Nicole, My three were 12 weeks premature, we were very lucky to have them all survive and I think that in some ways made the care of them when they got home very hard. I was super worried if they cried too much they might stop breathing or they might get serious colds or infections. Thankfully nothing like that happened. We got sleep but really not enough ! However, we survived but I think anyone with a newborn has a rough time ahead until they start sleeping longer at night. 

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