The tandem triple stroller has all the seats one behind the other. This makes the stroller the slimmest configuration and more versatile to navigate through narrow doorways or pavements.   This was my stroller of choice when my triplets were babies. I lived in a narrow house, in London with narrow streets and I wanted to be able to get in and out of store doors myself, so this made sense to me.   By using a tandem, I could load my three inside the house, and push them out and about then, back inside before unloading !

They do have their drawbacks though, and its balancing these up with the advantages.  The front and middle seats dont lie completely flat so technically not suitable for the newborn, however I bought two baby mattresses that I used in the stroller to flatten the base, bought two more safety harnesses, threaded the head huggers through, then I was able to lay my babies flat but still have them safe and secure in the stroller. This was my personal choice to do this and I took the responsibility for my babies safety. It  is common sense, but choosing to adapt the stroller so I could take my babies out but know they were still securely fastened in. Once your babies are toddlers, it is harder to lift the front up when negotiating kerbs or rough ground. I managed and  getting about was important, without drawing too much attention to myself – not easy when everyone wants to stop and have a look ! I did look around for an inline jogging stroller, however of the ones that could be considered, none would be useful from birth as they’re not comfortable enough for a baby nor would they allow you to lie them flat. Not that I was going to do any jogging though, didnt jog before I had triplets so definitely wasn’t going to be doing it afterwards ! I was  wanting one with bigger wheels to give a more comfortable ride but without the width.  These are great strollers, Im trying to source more choice, so watch this space !

Take a look at the three strollers below.  

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Familidoo Review Peg Perego Review Childcraft Review

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