The twin tandem jogger is a fairly new addition to the jogging stroller market, the side by side being more widely available. Having said that, I have found a couple of tandem joggers that are very popular, not only because they look great but they are versatile, well made and safe for your twins.  Remember that you shouldn’t start jogging with your twins until they’re at least 3 months old and better if theyr’re 6 months old. Whilst the wheels are made to make the ride as smooth as possible, its not going to be as easy a ride for your little ones as a regular stroller at a regular speed.  The pitching and rolling your babies will experience is something to consider when taking into consideration their age and muscle tone.

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Powertwin Pro Jané Phil&Ted's Sport Double
Powertwin Pro Jané Jogger Phil&Ted's Sport Double Jogger