Do Anti Colic Bottles Work?

March 1, 2019 Helen 0

What is Colic? Do anti colic bottles work? To unravel this, lets look at what colic is. Colic is a bit of a mystery. Colic is the constant crying of a healthy, well-fed baby, crying […]


Combining Breast and Bottle Feeding

February 23, 2019 Helen 1

    When I started thinking about this topic, I wasn’t sure if this really was a problem for parents of twins or triplets.  I personally couldn’t breastfeed my triplets.  They were born very prematurely […]


Awesome All Natural Bamboo Baby Bowl

October 16, 2017 Helen 0

I know these aren’t so practical and they’re on the expensive side, but the bamboo baby bowl with matching spoon ticks my ecological box.  ALL NATURAL BAMBOO BOWL and food-grade silicone spoon to protect your child […]


Sleep Positioners

October 6, 2017 Helen 0

Read this latest news from the BBC regarding Sleep Positioners – bolsters that you position your baby between to stop them rolling over during sleep. There has been an article written in the USA  by […]


Rock and Play – Beware !

September 6, 2017 Helen 2

  I have been commenting recently on a forum for multiple moms and reading some of the questions regarding sleeping arrangements for twins and triplets and many moms use the ‘Rock and Play’ rocker by […]


Triplets and Twins Identity Issues

August 6, 2017 Helen 10

Individuality in twins and triplets is something that many parents worry about.  Whilst trying to meet the daily, practical needs of two or three babies at one go, they worry about triplets and twins identity […]


Top Rated Breast Pumps

July 22, 2017 Helen 0

There are so many breast pumps on the market now, handheld, battery operated, electric/rechargeables. I thought it was time to revisit the whole subject and see what’s new over the last year. Most offer the […]


Car Seats And Infant Carriers

March 5, 2017 Helen 0

    I have decided to add this information onto my website following the blog I wrote last week about babies sleeping in car seats.  If you want to read the blog follow this link […]