I love these suction baby bowls, they’re bright and colourful so great appeal for toddlers, whether they are singletons, twins or triplets.  They have a strong suction base to keep the bowl on the table rather than all over the floor, but they also come with a lid for each bowl, so I found them perfect for going on picnics. I could pack up all the food into the bowls and easy to set up by popping the lids for a ready made meal.  They are robust so will stand up to being dropped on the floor and can be washed in the dishwasher on the top rack.  Over time the sparkliness of the bowl will start to fade, this is inevitable if you wash in the dishwasher. If you choose to wash by hand then  the colour and brightness will last for longer. I found these bowls were also awesome for preserving and stacking food in the fridge leading to less waste and easy to have a quick, healthy snack to hand. I also used them for odd potential accidents in the car. One of my triplets occasionally was car sick…… need I say more..? 🙂


Brand: Babie B
Model: Stackable Suction Bowls
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion:Inexpensive and good quality.

Click for the Best Price: Amazon.com

These suction baby bowls aren’t available in the UK, but there are similar ones that will be just as great. Follow this link: Gekko Grippers

Gekko Grippers


* Store leftover food, so no waste with fussy eaters.
* Educational, fun and colorful.
* Create fun f0r fuss free mealtimes.
* Easy release adult tab means adults can remove it  and toddler’s can’t!
* Not recommended on uneven surfaces.
* Comes with 3 lids, so ideal for transporting food and snacks when out and about or storage in the fridge for later.
* Easy to clean, top rack on the dishwasher and microwave safe.
* BPA, BPS and PVC free.


These bowls are manufactured by Barbie B, a small business that is working for the consumer and any problems or faults, they will answer emails immediately and sort out any issues.  Many parents find them preferable to other similar products as they have the sealable lids, they can be tossed into the diaper bag with fresh snacks for later.  Easy to store leftovers or that meal that wasn’t eaten by the fussy eater, so can be saved and served fresh from the fridge when they get hungry later on ! Very popular because of the inexpensive price tag for a quality item.

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