Buying strollers for twins or triplets can be a little like buying a car….. ! There are so many models, features, options, even for triplet parents! You still want to be stylish and trendy even if you have Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 20.34.37three babies in tow! This article will guide you on how to choose a baby stroller.  It may also be that you are looking for a twin or triple stroller as you have three children of very close age or indeed maybe for a nursery school so you can take your charges for walks too. So there are considerations that are common to all parents/carers regardless of number of babies but there are also a few considerations that singleton
parents don’t have to bother themselves with such as buying the most durable that will last until the stroller is not needed anymore. Replacing a twin or triplet stroller  is no walk in the park unless you’re blessed with a money tree!  I have compiled a ‘what to look for guide’ to help you assess which stroller will suit your lifestyle.


How to Choose a Baby Stroller

What To Look For …….


The twin double stroller or triple infant stroller must be substantially built, it has to protect three babes. Check that the frame will lock into position and the mechanism is easy to use.  Examine the frame closely for sharp edges or protrusions, many now have padding around the frame to ensure no tiny fingers will be caught or cut. Check that the stroller/pram is certified with your country’s safety standard seal as is this the benchmark for quality, safety, performance and functionality.


The safety restraint in any stroller, pram or pushchair must be a 5 point harness, right from infant through to toddler. This is particularly important for twins or triplets strollers, can you imagine trying to contain two or three babies at once who are all wriggling around ?  The restraint system must have straps around the waist,Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 20.45.16 between the legs, and over the shoulders. Check that the buckle is easy for you to operate but not so easy that they can undo themselves. Ensure that it is comfortable for your babies.  The safety restraint must be used at all times that the baby is in the stroller, even if wrapped in a blanket, the safety harness can still be attached securely.


Brakes and Manoeuvrability

Test the braking system on the stroller, that it engages securely when activated and the stroller cannot be moved. Ensure that the activation of the stroller is easy for you to manage.  Try pushing the stroller in a straight line to check the manoeuvrability, can you do this with one hand? Is the stroller easy to turn using one hand or too heavy that you would have to be using both hands to negotiate the pushchair through the street. Im not suggesting that you use only one hand to push your triplet buggies but to be able to manoeuvre it with one hand at times will be good !  A stroller for twins or triplets with swivel wheels front and back would be the most manoeuvrable, however this is not always possible so front swivels are a must for urban walks.Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 20.46.39

Handle Height

This may be another consideration, if you’re taller than average you may find yourself stooping when pushing the stroller because its not set at the right height for you, alternatively a too high handle will give you shoulder ache. Either way its going to be a struggle to push especially as the babies get bigger and heavier so an adjustable handle that can be altered whoever is pushing the stroller, so husbands/partners/nana  can take a turn too!

Seat Adjustment

Newborns need reclining seats that lay almost flat and need to remain so until they have head control and can sit up at around 6 months.  You may want to choose a travel
system that can accommodate this as your babies grow, so you can use baby car seats in the frame, add in bassinets and then move onto seats. This option tends to be expensive in the initial stages but as you have triplet or twin transportation that will take you right through  its well spent. Alternatively you can start off with a stroller that will allow your newborns to be flat and buy the next stage of transportation as required.


Configuration, Foldability and Weight

This is not something that other mums have to consider !  It  is critical  for  twins and triplets.  Consider where you will be going with your twins or triplets, walking in the streets, park, shopping, jogging. This will have a huge influence on the configuration of your babies transportation. I went for a triplet tandem configuration (more about this in Ideal Stroller Guide). My hallway was narrow and I wanted to  be able to wheel them straight through from the front door to the kitchen at the back of the house.   I also was fortunate that I had a car with large boot.  Many of the twins and in particular triplet buggies don’t fold really flat and are therefore quite bulky. Weight is also an issue, if you can’t lift the pram into the boot of you car independently, you won’t be able to go out by yourself ( nevertheless its still a challenge, especially when theyre young) 


Triplet strollers/triple pushchairs / triplet prams / triple joggers, tandem twin strollers/twin jogging strollers/ twin double strollers ……. whatever you want to call them, are not cheap to buy new. Consider the longevity of the  transportation you choose, the durability of the construction, usage (a pushchair used every day needs to be solidly built), convenience of folded size, some won’t fit into a car boot even when folded unless you have an estate sized boot. Within the information about each stroller, I have added in the prices, some are in pounds, some in dollars, depending on the origin of the stroller. But with today’s ever Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 16.40.39shrinking world, no where is too far!


Other considerations may be a canopy that is adjustable for sun/wind, a handy storage basket under the stroller, a rain cover ( sometimes not possible to get in the same brand – bear that in mind)   and also extremely important …. washable fabric !


Purchase Check List

  • Does everyone fit in ? (remember newborns need to lay flat)Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 22.29.42
  • Is it easy to fold?
  • Can you lift it into the car?
  • Does it fit in the car ?
  • Are the brakes easy to use?
  • Can you steer it?
  • Is the basket storage big enough?
  • Does it have a warranty/replacement policy?
  • Can you get the accessories you need?
  • Is it easy to clean? Can you remove all the covers for washing?
  • Does the stroller come with your country’s seal of quality ?

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