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I have written an ‘ideal stroller guide‘ and ‘how to choose a baby stroller‘ as the stroller is probably the most expensive investment you will have to make for your twins or triplets. To have a stroller that will last all the way through from birth to 4 years is the ideal.  There are models that will do that, but tread carefully, particularly for triplets. Some of the strollers are perfect once the babies are 6 months +, something to watch, the stroller must lie flat for newborns. With newborns having no head control, they must lie flat.

You can follow either of these links to get to twin strollers or triplet strollers to check the reviews.

Take a look at the  ‘Ideal Stroller Guide’ for the configuration of stroller that will suit your needs the best.


How To Choose a Baby Stroller‘ points out the features that are important to look for when you choose a baby stroller, very important to know what you want before you start to buy! I hope that my website helps you concentrate your mind.

Go look at the twin or triplet strollers under their own headings on the homepage or from the menu bar  to find twin and triplet strollers in all the configurations ! Quite a list !  I check and update regularly !