The Spectra Baby Double Breast Pump is the latest in a line of excellent breast pumps from Spectra and comes with an inbuilt rechargeable batter.  So offers the power and performance of a hospital strength breast pump but is portable ! I remember the pump I used at the hospital every day when I was there with my triplets in NICU, felt like it was pulling my whole breast off, but the manual one at home felt like a light massage and not very effective. This pump has the power of a hospital breast pump but the touch of a massage !

Brand: Spectra Double Breast Pump
Model: S1 (blue)
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion: Very efficient breastpump but on the expensive side.

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  • In built rechargeable battery.
  • Efficient, with the power of a hospital strength breast pump.
  • S1 has a closed system, so a physical barrier between milk and the pump for hygiene.
  • Maximum suction strength of 350mmHg.
  • Can be used as a single or double breast pump.
  • Touch button digital controls so setting of the perfect programme is easy.
  • Adjustable in both let-down and expression mode.
  • Quiet operation, timer and night light.
  • Backflow protection protects breastmilk and your babies from bacteria, mould and viruses during pumping.
  • Narrow tubing does not require cleaning as it does not come into contact with any milk.
  • 2 phase cycling with ‘let down’ button and expression mode.
  • Customisable settings for use time again.
  • Technology enables the pump to be set at the maximum comfortable suction level with minimal noise.
  • The S1 system will fit many wide neck bottles so expressing directly into your bottle of choice is possible.


The S1 is a closed system so your milk is not contaminated. It is strong and efficient, so works well to support your milk supply.  The pump starts in a massage mode which is a short, shallow mode, designed to stimulate ‘let down’ , exactly the same effect your baby has on ‘let down’.  The pump changes to ‘expression mode’ which is a deeper, slower pattern that again mimics how your baby nurses.  If you have difficulty achieving ‘let down’ using a pump, you can switch it back and redo that feature.

The S1 has a timer and nightlight. The digital display is easy read at a glance.

The battery will last for an hour of pumping.

The milk does not go through the tubing, so does not require to be cleaned. It is a closed system. Milk does get in the filter and so this requires to be cleaned. They are easy opening and should be thoroughly washed through every time they are used. You don’t  need  to sterilise the parts every day, every other day is sufficient if washed thoroughly and drained, but bottles require to be sterilised every time, especially so if you are feeding directly from the bottles you pump into.  If you are using the freezer bags, then depending on the ones y0u choose,  there are some that you can attach to your pump and pump directly into the bag for freezing. That has so got to save time !


Many mothers, who are not new to using breast pumps, found the Spectra S1 the best breast pump they have used in their whole time of expressing breast milk.

Mothers found that they were able to express several ounces more with the S1 than other pumps.

It is expensive, and spare parts are equally so.


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