These are so cute, makes such a change to the plain white ones, especially if you’re out somewhere special.  They come in all sorts of colours and patterns. Follow the link and check them out !

Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Burp Cloth – Summer Poppy

No use crying over spilled milk! The burp cloths have four quilted layers of cotton muslin to keep spills off and clothes clean.

The innovative shape allows for more protection and a superior fit. 100% machine washable and softer with each wash.
Dimensions: 12.25 Inches x 0.625 Inches x 7.75 Inches


Sleeper Hero was created by two sister Anna and Meggie, one an author, the other the illustrator of ‘Sleeper Hero’ book and plush toy.  They were designed to help toddlers stay in their ‘big boy/girl’ bed and also be comforted in the night by having a

Sleeper Hero in bed with them. Sleep is a huge issue for parents with twins and triplets so anything that will encourage your toddlers to sleep well and stay in bed has got to be worth a review.  Anna and Meggie recognise this as a problem even for single parents like themselves.

This is the description of the book…..

Night after night, you’re tired of seeing your sleepy child’s silhouette at your bedroom door. The tug on your comforter in the middle of the night, whining that they can’t sleep — that they’re scared. Well, you are scared, too. Scared that there is nothing you can do to help them figure this issue out on their own.
After rubbing our own eyes filled with that same frustration, we decided we needed to do something about it. So we developed a tool that will help us all — both parents and kids.
It starts with a storybook. A story about a boy, named Luke, that struggles with staying in his bed at night. That is until he is introduced to a doll. Not any doll, though. A super special doll — a SleeperHero. SleeperHero is a buddy that is there for him at night when he gets scared. Better yet, this doll has a special light on its chest that shines bright in the dark, wards off his imaginary bad guys AND teaches him when it is an okay time to get out of bed in the morning. The light changes from RED to GREEN. RED means “stay in bed”. GREEN means “rise and shine”. With the help of his SleeperHero, Luke is able to stay in bed at night. And when he learns to sleep better, everyone in the house sleeps better.
Packaged with the storybook, you will also receive your very own SleeperHero doll to name and start conquering your family’s bedtime fears together.’

SleeperHero also offers a sleep chart for your toddler to fill out each day they stay in their bed and a Certificate of Courage at the end.  These are downloadable from their website.

So GO and Buy your SleeperHero today ! …….