These silicone baby placemat bowls were perfect for my triplets. I always tried to keep mealtimes interesting and they certainly helped with this.  This one is a fish, but there are so many different shapes to choose from – monkey, frog, duck, whale, butterfly, hippo and all in amazing colours. They all follow the same theme of a suction base with the bowl as an integral part of the base. A great invention! They suction keeps them in place, until you want to remove them.  One of my triplets hated having food mixed up so each section was perfect for her. No excuses not to eat the beans because they’ve not touched the fish finger ! The things children think of  to avoid eating something ! My son also was encouraged to eat by having everything in sections, he was a poor eater when he was small.




Brand: Joy4Tots
Model: Fun and Meal Placemats
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion: Clean table, and perfect for toddler feeding.

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The UK store doesn’t have this particular mat right now, but there are many others to choose from such as this cute pink duck !


  • Thin edge design so harder to pick up and tip on the floor.
  • Base creates a strong suction to hold the placemat onto any smooth surface.
  • Encourages self-feeding and practises fine motor skills.
  • Safe for microwave, dishwasher, oven or freezer. (I didn’t use mine in the oven though.)
  • Easy to clean, no narrow sharp corners for food to get stuck.
  • All bright colours that are appealing to children and makes it more fun at mealtimes.
  • Perfect for liquids or solid food.
  • Made from high quality 100% food grade silicone, BPA free, PVC free, Phthalate free, FDA approved, hypoallergenic.
  • Will not allow growth of mould or bacteria.



My triplets loved their bowls, each one had a different shape. They each chose the one they wanted, so there wouldn’t be any arguments or tantrums over Giles getting the fish when Bethany wanted it.  They worked perfectly ! My triplets loved their bowls, they had great fun at mealtimes, eating from their shapes.  We still did get some food on the floor but it was usually because one of them wanted to watch the grape bounce or one of our spaniels was begging for a crust.  So much better than the whole dinner ending up in the dogs ! Giles was a picky eater and it was very difficult to get him to eat different things, and enough of anything, but with this placemat bowl, I could say to him, just eat the body ( he had the fish)  or just eat the fin, if he was having a bad day.


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