Premature Babies In Aleppo

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-00-50-07I usually blog about information for my twin and triplet moms, and for single baby moms too but having just read this report about the bombing on a hospital in Aleppo I was shocked and horrified that the bombs have been hitting the hospital and in particular the neonatal unit of that hospital, which at the best of times is struggling to keep these babies alive but now they stand no chance.  My heart breaks to see the footage of the NICU and what the nurses and doctors have had to do to try and save these babies.

I am distraught that these premature babies have e had to be dragged from their incubators, removed from the monitors and treatments that have been saving their short lives up to now and have had to be laid on the ground, with as much care and support as the doctors and nurses can manage, because the Syrians and Russians have been bombing the hospital.  What chance do these babies have now?  They have survived a traumatic premature delivery, managed to stay alive long enough for the specialists to support them and now they are subjected to the atrocities of a war.  A hospital is a haven, a non-political haven of safety and security for the sick.  With today’s technology there is not a reason in the world why the hospital was bombed, they have highly sophisticated computerised bombs to choose their targets within inches…. and they choose to bomb a hospital.

It could have been one of my premature triplets lying there, but for the lottery of birth, they were born in a safe, peaceful and secure country, these babies didnt deserve this. We are in the 21st century, I wouldn’t start to understand what this war is all about, why Russia is involved and why they think bombing a hospital is acceptable, but to see this affecting vulnerable babies has shaken me to the core. Watch the video below…. I think you will feel the same…….


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  1. This is truly a terrible state of affairs for the 21st century that we cannot protect even the most vulnerable of our communities. We should be supporting the innocents in war.

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