Prefold diapers are rectangular layers of cotton and may have some appearances of the diapers your grandmother may have used – the ‘luxury’ diapers of the 1950’s which were folded to an inch of their lives and attached around your baby with safety diaper

pins.  Im not suggesting this for your twins and triplets. They have come a long way since then!


The prefold is as it says, prefolded, so the middle has more layers – ‘the wet zone’ with minimal folding around the baby.
  • Bleached – white
  • Unbleached – brown/tan- take longer to prepare and need multiple washings to reach the maximum absorbency.
  • Rectangular layers of cotton. Sewn through the centre.
  • Prefolds are usually 4x8x4 layers, most common are Indian or Chinese. May be fewer layers so check before you buy.
  • Affordable, Durable, Easy to wash
  • Can be difficult to decipher the sizes – you will never need every size !
  • They can take longer to dry than diapers.
  • Bulkier than All-In-Ones or pockets
  • They need more prepping than pockets or All-In-Ones.
  • Need a good cover to go over the prefold.
  • Rine on warm(body temperature) then wash on hot
  • Better machine dry, can be stiff if line dried – you could line dry then finish in the dryer.

Many parents choose one size works all the way through for their babies, others feel that different sizes for a better fit. Can be very bulky for a small baby.

I honestly feel that prefolds are not the way to go for twins and triplets.  Having read up on them, I just think that they would prove too much work, particularly the unbleached that need 6-8 washes first before they are up to maximum absorbency. I would love to hear from moms of twins and triplets that use prefolds, and how they managed with them.



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