A slightly different bottle system and not one that classically goes with what I really meant by baby bottle systems but it is one that as a twin or triplet parent, you may find extremely useful when you have one or two of your brood that simply cannot wait for their bottle. I had one like this and at times I would have to prop her up with a bottle because she simply could not possibly wait ! Sadly at the time, there wasn’t anything like this on the market.

Brand: Lil Jumbl
Model: Hands Free
T&TW Rating:???/4
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Brand: Podee
Model: Hands Free
T&TW Rating:???/4

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The Podee hands free bottle and the Lil Jumbl hands free both work on the same principle that a long thin tube reaches from the bottom of the bottle, to behind the nipple/teat. The bottle is sealed so baby only has the nipple/teat end.



  • Innovative Feeder is Suited for Upright Feeding, Helps Prevent Colic & Gas Buildup
  • Eases Baby’s Intake of Liquids and Helps to Prevent Reflux as well as Ear Infections
  • The Lil Jumbl and Podee offer the ability to feed in a more upright position.
  • Helps prevent colic or gas build up.]
  • Helps to prevent reflux as well as ear infections.
  • Can be useful for feeding on long journeys
  • Lightweight designs.
  • The Lil Jumbl is also available in a twin or triplet pack.

This idea of feeding would be very useful for twins or triplets, i wouldn’t advocate it on a regular basis as I feel that it is important for babies to be cuddled while feeding, its a special time, but when there is no other way, this feeding system would certainly do the job.

I would certainly never leave a baby feeding alone using this system, they should always be watched to ensure they’re not choking.


Both bottle systems come with mixed reviews. On the whole they are well received, some issues with leaking were reported but this seemed to be solved by ensuring that the tubing is firmly attached. Many parents found that they improved their baby’s colic as a more upright position reduced the amount of air swallowed. Comments were made about the cleaning of the parts but this seems to be a small price to pay for the convenience of being able to feed more than one baby at a time ! The Podee is a little expensive but I think for the relief it gives you and the ‘extra pair of hands’ it creates, its well worth it!


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