Playtex VentAire Review 


Playtex have developed a baby anti colic bottle that is angled in shape to encourage a more upright position for feeding. This is supposed to help reduce the air swallowed and reduce the spit up after a feed.


  • The base of the bottle has a vent that eliminates bubbles, no air through the feed and vacuum eliminated. Micro-channel vent technology vents air at the back of the bottle rather than at the teat end, therefore air does not mix within the formula.
  • It is leak proof so don’t worry about formula leaking through.
  • 6oz bottles come with silicone nipple as naturally shaped as possible to avoid baby’s confusion over bottle or breast.
  • Wide neck for easy use.
  • The angled shape aids in feeding with large reduction in bubbles within the feed, so less wind for baby.
  • A semi upright position is recommended by paediatricians to help prevent ear infections.
  • Easy clean.
  • BPA  and phthalate free, shatterproof and dishwasher safe.
  • Various colours available.



This is a very popular anti colic bottle. Parents report that their babies had very little, if any colic when using this bottle.  Some have reported leaking but this is due to not ensuring everything is tightly screwed together and others felt the neck was rather narrow.


This style means that the baby can “sit up” more when drinking and swallowing. Less coughing. More natural position. Bottle itself holds up well in dishwasher. Markings are easy to read. Because they are wide, they are not as comfortable to hold and the arrows on the top and bottom need to be lined up otherwise the bottle tends to leak but this is not difficult to do.

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