Playtex make a variety of bottles, which I have reviewed elsewhere, but this one is not one that I thought I would include,

I thought that the idea of disposable liners would make the bottles expensive. However these bottles not only reduce the amount of washing and sterilising,(the liners come already sterilised), the bottles are also extremely successful in reducing colic as the liner collapses during feeding so no air spaces in the bottle.

Brand: Playtex (disposable liners)
Model: Natural Breast Feeding
T&TW Rating:???/4
Opinion: No sterilising required, so more time ! 

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  • Mimics breast feeding with the NaturaLatch Nipples
  • Significantly reduces gas and colic
  • Use with the pre-sterilised disposable liners.
  • Stimulates the same suck, swallow, breath pattern.
  • Easy to switch between breast and bottle
  • Bottles do not need sterilising.


Playtex Drop-Ins Disposable Bottle Liners

  • The liners are available in 4oz and 8-10oz
  • The bottle liners are pre-sterilised and leak-proof.
  • The shape allows for a one-hand assembly, making it easier to fill the bottle.
  • The liners collapse as baby feeds, which stops air getting into the milk.
  • No clean up afterwards !
  • BPA free
  • Recyclable





‘ I breastfed 4 babies for 17 months each, but these bottles helped out perfectly when I needed them to take a bottle.  The best choice ! I love these bottles – next best thing to breastfeeding.’

” I bought these for my twins and love the product! Easy to wash the bottles out, no sterilising, no gas problem ! Couldn’t be better! ‘


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