Whichever bottle you choose, whatever the shape or size, as your baby feeds, air needs to get into the bottle to replace the milk your baby drinks. As baby feeds, a vacuum is formed in the bottle, this reduces the flow of milk, leading to more vigorous sucking and frustration from baby, leading to the swallowing of air.  Often this problem is solved by air in the top of the teat allowing air to flood in and replace the milk, reducing the vacuum, however this interrupts baby’s feeding rhythm.



Brand: Phillips Avent Classic
Model: Anti-Colic Bottles Newborn Starter Set
T&TW Rating: ????/4
Opinion:  Excellent quality and helps with wind.

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Avent Classic+ have solved this problem by having the system integrated into the teat/nipple, reducing the likelihood of colic.

The Avent Classic+ has been found in clinical studies to reduce colic and fussing that your baby may suffer when theyre irritable and unsettled due to wind swallowed during feeding.  Its got to be tried….anything to stop those unsettled hours during the night !


  • Designed to prevent leakage
  • Fewer parts to put together
  • Integrated valve in the teat/nipple allowing baby to dictate the rate of feeding, reducing the likelihood of colic, burping and spit-up.
  • Wide neck making it easier to fill and clean.
  • BPA free
  • Compatible and easily interchangeable with other Avent product range – breastmilk storage containers, sippy cups, so allowing the bottles to adapt to your baby’s changing development from baby to toddler.
  • Can be sterilised in any of the Avent sterilisers and used in the bottle warmers.
  • Teat/nipples come in different flow rates, bottles are supplied with slow flow but this can be changed to medium or fast flow as baby grows.


Parents like these bottles because theyre light, the graduation markings on the side stay clear and easy to read despite all the washing and sterilising. They find the wide neck very useful when filling the bottles or cleaning. The smaller bottles are ideal for newborns, when less milk is required although the bigger ones would still do the job. Teat/nipples are available in various flow rates.


Babies  seems to feed much better from these-just use the 1month+ teats that came with the bottles-seem fast enough to feed with, even at 5months. Much easier to clean as only 3 parts, plus no problems with wind!  With the wide neck for easy filling, clear markings and fewer parts, this is a very popular bottle from birth.



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