Philips Avent offers a total baby bottle system from the newborn 4oz bottle with slow flow teat right through to sippy cups, not forgetting a hand held breast pump that pumps directly into the bottle.

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Brand: Philips Avent
Model: Bottle System
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion: Excellent quality and affordability

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Avent have two designs of baby nipple/teat. The Avent Natural  and the Avent Classic +

The Natural is more for breastfed babies, and the Classic+ for anti colic.
I have included the glass bottles Avent makes too, so you can consider these alongside the regular bottles.

All teats/nipples, collars, cup handles are compatible with all Avent bottles and sippy cups and you dont have to buy everything in one go, you can get the handles and sippy cup tops etc when you need them.

Avent Natural Feeding Bottles

The Philips Avent natural feeding bottles were designed to make bottle feeding more natural for your babies. The nipple has a petal design for a more natural latch, allowing easy combination of breast and bottle feeding.The bottles are also easy to hold even for your baby when theyre older.

The  innovative twin valve design reduces colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not baby’s tummy.

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Avent Natural 4oz Bottles

Wider nipple/teat that has increased softness and flexibility, emulating the same experience for your babies as they would have being breast fed, so this bottle is recommended for babies being breast and bottle fed.

The bottles are supplied with slow flow teats/nipples but if you find them too slow, they are available in medium and fast flow too.

Avent Natural Newborn Pack – pink for girls, but available in blue for boys!

There are two sizes of bottle – 4oz and 9oz*BPA free

Easy to fill and clean with wide necks and quick to assemble. Available in single and multipacks has a huge selection of Avent products, including free standing breast milk bags for using in the fridge or freezer.



Avent Baby Bottle Pure Glass Baby Bottles 

Ive added these in here because it is another choice when using Avent feeding bottles, if you prefer you can use their glass bottles too.

Made from resistant glass – resistant to heat.

Totally recyclable, made from superior quality glass.

Avent Glass BottlesIt resists thermal shock and sterilisable.Glass bottles sleeves available for extra protection.

It resists thermal shock and sterilisable.

Glass bottles sleeves available for extra protection.


Avent Classic+ Baby Bottles

The Avent Classic + baby bottles are designed to reduce colic, they have a two piece anti-colic system that helps baby control the flow of milk.

Avent Classic + Newborn Pack

I have reviewed this bottle in the Anti Colic Baby Bottles section so pop over there to have a read through !





No Spout Sippy Cups 

Avent make various handles, spouts, sippy cups that are all interchangeable with the bottles. It may be that you want to get the most out of your bottles so just add on the handles and either a soft or firm spout to keep up with you baby’s transition from baby to toddler. The soft spout is better to start with on delicate mouths, moving on the the firm spouts as they grow. Eventually the Avent sippy cup helps them to drink from a cup using the sippy cup that you can drink from any part of the lip.   Have a look at my section on Best Baby Sippy Cups


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