The  Peg Perego Triplet Stroller is Italian made and comes with all the quality and finesse you would expect from the Peg Perego brand. The triplette stroller seats are fully padded, comfortable and secure firmly to the chassis.   Practical and extremely sturdy, Triplette SW is designed for comfortable walks in any situation. The stroller also accepts PrimoViaggio Car seats and these will attach directly  onto the chassis using the Gmatic System. The seats and car seats can face the driver or face away. Look at the review and follow my link for the cheapest prices on the internet.

Brand: Peg Perego
Model: Triplette Piroet
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion: Compatible great travel system available.


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Peg Perego Triplette Piroet with stroller seats and canopies

Weight – 60lbs (27kg)

Open Size : 43 x 24 x 67 “(109 x 60 x 169 cm)

Folded Size: 57 x 24 x 17″ ( 144 x 60 x 44 cm)

Wheels : Four large 30cm air filled wheels, with shock absorbing fittings. Wheels are manoeuvred using a practical steering wheel on the handle, that controls the front wheels. however wheels can be set in line should the need arise, using the steering block device to align them. So along with the suspension, a smooth ride !

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 22.16.39Safety : Each seat is equipped with a 5-point safety harness. Brakes are controlled with centrally controlled brake that is worked using the foot on the brake peal on each  rear wheel.

Versatility and Travel System

As already mentioned the chassis is designed to take both the seats and the car seats(Primo Viaggio), which is a huge deal when moving triplets in and out of cars, the car seats will click into the isofix bases in the car which are attached using the in-car seat belts or isofix if your car has this. The car seats are an extra. The chassis comes with three stroller seats and hoods. Each seat reclines so is suitable for newborns. The footrest is adjustable and there is a little loop on each hood to attach a toy. The stroller seats can be facing forwards or backwards. The handle sports a steering wheel which makes manoeuvring this stroller much easier, although it doesn’t turn on a sixpence !  There is a locking device in the steering wheel to assist in the control of the stroller if you want to use the handle instead. Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 22.38.28

The stroller comes with a large basket that folds up with the chassis.

The car seat has to be purchased separately to the stroller. They come in various colour ways, so lots of choice! These were the car seats I chose for my triplets, I didn’t have the luxury of snapping them straight onto the stroller chassis but they were so comfortable and gave the maximum protection to my babies, should we have an accident. ( we never did) Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 22.38.12


UK: Amazon £175 (excluding isofix base)Baby Car Seat Group 0+ Kg0-13 Primo Viaggio Blu Denim Peg Perego

USA : Amazon $199( excluding isofix base)Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Car Seat, Nero Energy


Peg Perego make a number of accessories that enhance the comfort and practicality of their products.

Rain cover. Mosquito netting. Baby cushion to add warmth for smaller babies. Igloo that adds a layer of warmth for your baby in the car seat and can be used when in the car or stroller.


This stroller is one of the heaviest but having said that, it is for triplets, well built and up to the job. It cannot be folded up without taking the seats off first, which is fine when theyre in the car seats but may be an issue when dealing with the stroller seats as you need to stack them somewhere in the car. However it is a balance between the convenience when theyre babies and having a car seat that fits onto the same chassis. The turning circle for this stroller is wide, to be expected but something to be aware of.

** Warning !    – Always attach 3 seats, even if you are only taking 2 or 1 baby out,  the stroller is less stable if used with less than 3 seats. This is the same with the car seats too and always fill the seats nearest the steering wheel. 


This is one of the triple strollers car seat compatible travel systems that I really like, I wish this had been available when my triplets were babies. The convenience of the car seats, getting them out without waking them up and straight onto the chassis, then either into the house or out and about! The seats click onto the chassis with ease so managing by yourself is a breeze. So a triple stroller with car seat would be near the top of my ‘have to have’ list!  Be aware though, that unless the car seat is a O rated seat, i.e. the baby can be laid completely flat in them, then they shouldn’t stay in the car seat for more than 1/2 hour.   Recent studies have shown that if baby is not correctly positioned and their head flops forward, which is easily done in the regular car seats, their airway can be compromised and they will not be able to breathe as well.


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