Nooni Care, baby weaning spoons, strive to make a Mum’s hectic life a bit more manageable, with practical solutions to everyday problems.  My baby boy, one of the triplets had an issue with things in his mouth due to the long periods of time he spent in NICU. It made him scream overtime we tried to put anything in his mouth.  He had to be fed through a tube for a long time as he couldn’t breathe and feed.  These spoons were amazing in getting him to start eating solids. They’re soft and delicately tapered so don’t fill up the tiny baby’s mouth, so making it easier to tempt with tiny tastes of food. Perfect for starting weaning at 3 months onwards. Not so suitable for the robust toddler however !  I have finally found them in the USA under a different brand name !


The USA version made by OLASPROUT!

Brand: Nooni Care
Model: Panda Leaf Baby Spoons
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion: Super soft for tender gums.

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  • Panda Leaf baby spoons designed to assist in baby weaning for  3 months+.
  • High quality product.
  • LFGB approved,  FDA approval, which guarantees the highest possible quality.
  • The spoons are completely BPA FREE.
  • Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.
  • Providing cuteness and practicality – the long handles as well as the tip are bendable.
  • Super soft on the teeth and gums.
  • Tapered so easy to offer small amounts of food at the very beginning of weaning.

They are a little expensive but for the softness for delicate baby gums, I have to be honest and give them 100% ! They are perfect for weaning, for babies with mouth issues and when it comes to self feeding, your babies aren’t going to hurt themselves.


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