Oxo Tot Flippy Snack Cup is an ideal little snack cup for twins and triplets!  My three were forever dropping food on the floor or into their car seats or their stroller seats whilst trying to eat. Most of it coming from tipping the carton or bag up the wrong way!  So these snack keepers are excellent! I found that Giles had some difficulty, he was a little less dextrous as his sisters at 1 year old  and he found it was rather frustrating.  Given a few more months development and he had it all sorted out !  So if your babies seem to struggle with them at first, give them a few months, they’ll be perfect !  They come with travel lids so you can keep the food fresh and crisp when not in use.


Brand: Oxo Tot
Model: Flippy Snack Cup
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion: Works successfully in keeping snacks in the pot!

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  • The OXO tot floppy snack cup comes with a travel cover so great for using at home or out and about.
  • The soft flexible opening allows little hands to get at the snacks, but the flaps keep even the smallest of snacks from falling out onto the floor.
  • The lid twists on so will stay secure even when the cup gets dropped or thrown!
  • The handle is non slip and just the right shape for toddler hands or snagging onto the stroller for later.
  • The baby feeding cup can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher.
  • This has got to be a great time saver – no more mess to clear up – making life a little easier with multiple toddlers in tow!

*Perfect for crunchy snacks, but not so great for softer ones, as the top
is quite tight, particularly to start with, so likely to get squashed on the
way out.  Can also be hard for younger babies to get the snack out.


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