Organic Cloth Baby Wipes


Have you thought about making organic cloth baby wipes instead of using the shop bought packets of wipes?  Apart from the cost of these wipes, week in and week out, they contain preservatives that can irritate your babies delicate botties… and they are not disposable. They add to the fatberg in our sewage systems, despite the fact they say they are made of non woven material, they do contain plastic. And thats before you read the chemicals that are impregnated into the wipes.  Yes I can hear you saying they are mainly water, well thats one good thing, but they sit on the store shelves for weeks on end, how do you think they keep them from going mouldy?  Preservative!!  That’s being wiped on your babies bottoms…. I know its a tough call for moms of twins and triplets when extra work is involved but after this blog, I hope that you might feel they’re not such hard work. Not for one minute am I suggesting you use cloth diapers, but cloth would be a wink to reducing plastics and chemicals in a small way? and save you a lot of money!


Making Cloth Baby Wipes

You Will Need:

An Oxo TOT Wipe Dispenser

USA Oxo Box UK Oxo Box

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Cloth Wipes

You can make your own by cutting up muslin cloth and hemming the edges to stop fraying but to be honest, thats a

whole lot of work and theyre very reasonable to buy already cut up and hemmed. You will need around 40 for twins and 60 for triplets. They are more expensive to start with but over time, as they are reusable, the outlay is nothing in comparison to the cost of 3 years of bought baby wipes.

There are a lot of cloth wipes to choose from  – muslin, terry towelling, bamboo, microfibre.  I chose a natural bamboo wipe.  If you want/have time, you can interlock the wipes before packing them in the box, this will ensure that as you pull out one, the one below will be pulled up slightly, making it easier to get out. This isn’t necessary though, you can easily get them out.

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UK Bamboo Wipes     USA Bamboo Baby Wipes

Baby Boo Bottom Balm


I use Baby Boo Bottom Balm from Wild Soapery in the water for my wipes. You can use whatever you want, but as I know that this bottom balm contains nothing other than organic soothing oils, I am happy to use this.

Baby Bottom Balm

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One final piece of equipment that is a must!

Dry Diaper Pail


You  need something to put the cloth wipes in as you use them.  The best policy is wipe off any solids from baby botty with the front 0f the diaper itself, then tuck that under baby’s bottom. Use a cloth wipe then to clean up and freshen, the ones that I recommend are big enough to wipe/fold/wipe again, so a good clean up !

Then drop the cloth wipe into the dry pail.  The one I recommend has a liner bag that is pulled out of the pail and just stuffed whole into the washer.  Couldn’t be easier !



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  1. My brother is having a baby’s so I have Been researching what I can get him that would be useful and handy.  I’m so glad I found this post. 

    I never thought of clothe diapers as well as the boo boo balm.   Thanks to you invoice going to be a champion at the baby shower!

    • Thanks so much for your comment Barry ! Im trying to use less plastic and using cloth wipes, with baby booboo balm ticks all the boxes for me, so I hope that other parents of single babies, twins, or triplets will try it out !  Congratulations to your brother ! 

  2. This was an interesting article. Me and my wife are using regular wipes with our 5 month old son . Never actually knew that is possible to create your own. This is something completely new.

    Is this safe for babys skin and general health? This is what I am worried about the most.

    • Thankyou Strahinja for your comments. The cloth wipes are completely fine for baby’s skin. The baby botton booboo balm is gentle and soothing and with this added to the water, it gives a gentle cleans and barrier for the babys skin. The wipes washed as you would wash cloth diapers will ensure they are completely clean and absolutely fine for you to use on your baby’s skin. Of course if your baby’s skin was sore through diaper rash, you would use an extra barrier cream once babys bottom was cleaned.

  3. Even though my granddaughter is no longer a baby, we still use a lot of baby wipes. Being able to make our own would save so much money and be better for her and the environment. Do you need to use those types of materials that you listed, or could others be suitable, too? Where could we purchase the materials? We don’t have any fabric stores near us. I actually came across your post because I was looking for something for my friend who is expecting twins in January! Glad to have found your site!

    • Hello Karin and thankyou for your comments.  I would think you could use most cloths, that are soft and not too thick, and all the items are available following the links I added into the article. I think for your granddaughter, as she is not a baby anymore, you could use something else as the emollient in the water, maybe a tiny drop of  tea tree essential oil or lavender oil which would make them smell nice for her.

  4. Hey there! How re you doing? I’ve really enjoyed reading this article on “Cloth Baby Wipes” and I liked it as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information. I’ve never tried baby wipes but will they cause any skin allergies to babies skin? 

    Thanks in advance for answering my question. Keep up the good work!!! 

    • Thank you for your very astute question.  The cloth wipes will not cause any allergies to baby’s skin, in fact that baby bottom balm that I suggest comes from a natural soap and baby product company who do not use any chemicals or preservatives in their products, so probably these wipes will be positively ideal for babies with allergies or sensitive skin.

  5. Great post , my daughter recently had twins and was just complaining of the cost of diapering them . I think I should send her a link to your post maybe it  will help her out. Could you explain to me what muslin cloth is I haven’t heard the term before , mind you I am not a sewer either . Thanks I will book mark your page and check back 

    • Thanks Rick for your comments. Diapers are very expensive for twins. Cloth diapers whilst expensive for the outlay are actually so much cheaper in the long run especially the ones that ‘grow’ with the baby.  The same is true for the wipes. Muslin cloths are fine cotton cloths that are soft and easily wipe up spills, of various kinds and so are super useful around babies! Good luck to your daughter, if I can help her any, send her my way, I am mom to triplets. 

  6. I really enjoyed watching the minute long video to make homemade baby wet wipes. I had no idea how simple that could be using cloth wipes. Definitely a great way to save money over the long term and its environmently safer. 

    It’s good to know families have alternative options to reduce their spending budget on wet wipes and that it’s very fast and easy to do. Thanks for sharing this helpful information, Helen. Many mothers will appreciate it.

  7. Hi Helen. What an interesting idea! And so great for the environment too!! My kids are all grown up but I do remember using cloth diapers for my first born. Then my daughter came along about 16 years later and I used Pampers.

    The baby cloth wipes might be a bit time-consuming to make but once done, you would definitely save money over a long period of time.

    Thanks for sharing this information. 

    • Thanks for your comments Mary Ann.  I agree about the time consuming part of making the wipes but they are so cheap to find on the web that i really didn’t bother making them myself. And to know that there is something you can do for the environment even if you cant use cloth diapers has got to help. ! 

  8. My family love what we refer to as the disposable wipes, even though they are not really disposable.  I’m glad you pointed out though that they clutter up the sewer system.  At my house they go into the pail.

    I’ve always thought their was an irritation factor for the babies so if I notice anything like that I won’t use them for a while.  But now you have given us an even better idea to use reusable clothe diapers.  I know it is a great savings also because my daughter used reusable diapers. They are not much different from the disposable ones except they are washable. That saves a ton of money for them.

    Thanks for the post, I’ll share it.

    V. Pearl


    • Thankyou Vanna, If I can get the message out about the cloth wipes, its a great start for parents who want to be more environmentally thoughtful. 

  9. This is an absolutely fabulous idea, Helen! I love anything cuts down our use of disposable products that are harmful to our planet. Although it may take a little more effort and investment initially, the cost savings long-term, as you note, are surely substantial. And since new parents are already doing laundry already anyway, it’s not really that much of an added effort to keep a cycle of fresh cloth baby wipes available. I’m thinking this process would also adapt nicely for “adult” cloth wipes to take on-the-go for picnics or camping trips where a refreshing clean-up might be desired when water isn’t readily available. I hope your idea will catch on, Helen, because our planet surely does need every “wink of reducing waste” it can get! Keep up the great work! ~Cheri

  10. Hello Helen,

    I always prefer cloth wipes with baby balsam, they are more hygienic for me than disposable wipes. 

    Submerging them clean in the dispenser that you show in the ready-to-use video. 

    I like to know also that you inform us the amount of diapers that we will have to buy to our babies.

    Excellent post especially for new parents. 

    Thank you very much for sharing.


    • Thankyou so much for your comments, they are very much more hygienic for the planet, and are just as soothing for babies as the throwaway ones. The wipe dispenser makes it very much easier to achieve this. And yes, the website does also inform about cloth diapers, I do try to encourage my moms and dads of twins and triplets to at least consider it.  It is an undertaking for them with two or three babies but at the very least the cloth wipes really are a great step forward for the environment.

  11. This post has been very helpful to me, I showed it to my and she read it and she has started making her own baby clothes wipe. This has really safe her a lot of money and also prevent clogging of the sewages. Making baby clothes wipes is easier than it looks. I believe this post will help a lot of people specifically the nursing mothers who are taking care of their new born baby.

    • Thankyou Oloyede. Awesome that your partner has already started to make wipes. The ones I used were made specifically for this purpose and were hemmed but thats not necessary.  If you have soft cloth that will wash well, any cloth can be used. And it doesnt need to be hemmed, they can be used simply cut into large squares and simply throw away once they fray away. I hope it will help moms who feel that perhaps they cant go as far as cloth diapers, but can use cloth wipes and consider the environment, I would encourage them to use cloth diapers too but as most of my readers are moms and dads of twins and triplets, its a tall order for them. 

  12. Hi there, with the dry diaper pail, are you saying that you line it with a laundry bag, and you remove the whole thing, bag included, and then put that through the wash? I’m interested to hear how to get them washed properly and not mixed in with the other clothes. Do you soak them in a bucket first with napisan or something similar then just put them through as normal? Thanks, I think this is a great idea, just want to understand the logistics of it all! I am new to cloth baby wipes and they sound like an excellent alternative. Do you usually have a back up wipe dispenser that is full ready and waiting to go? And do you carry around a smaller one in the diaper bag? Do the dispensers come in different sizes? 

    Thanks in advance.  

    • Thankyou for your comments Melissa.  The diaper bag in the pail has very fine holes in it so whilst it is washing, the whole thing gets thoroughly washed. If you wanted you could empty the bag into the washer then dump the bag in too, but this is not necessary as the bag is manufactured to wash with the wipes inside. Easier than getting all smelly emptying the bag !  The wipe dispenser would not need to be ready and waiting to go, you can reuse the same wipe dispenser but have two sets of wipes. The dispenser and the preparation of the liquid with the baby botton booboo balm takes seconds so as soon as the last wipe is used, a quick wash out of the dispenser, kettle boiled, tablespoon of bottom booboo and second set of wipes straight in, less than 3 minutes.  The dispensers do come in smaller sizes for when you are out and about but as I write for moms of twins and triplets, I feel that, that might be a step too far. It is of course possible if they wanted to do that but its a balance between getting some environmental consideration and them coping with tiny twins or triplets. I know, Ive been there, I have triplets. 

  13. Hello Helen, many thanks for the informative article. I had never thought about this actually, so it comes in handy to me. Now I can save some money and make baby wipes at home rather than buying wipe packets. You have also kindly shared the details on the items needed to make baby wipes as well as provided leads on where to get the items.

    I am going to do this already, and I will get back to you with a feedback.

    • Well thats great Victor ! Im glad that you found it helpful. My own daughter who is expecting right now is already supplied with all the items for her to use cloth wipes. She is also going to use cloth diapers too. Its a little tricky for moms and dads of twins and triplets but even the use of cloth wipes when at home would be a start to think about our environment and use less throw away products. Good luck and I look forward to the feedback! 

  14. I would prefer the cloth baby wipes over the shop wipes anytime. Why? because the cloth wipes have no chemicals to irritate your baby’s skin and also this is a good idea to help the environment. Most of the shop wipes are not disposables and they can back up your sewer system if you forget not to flush them down the toilet.

    I can see with many mothers, especially those with twins, and triplets to use the shop wipes because of the ease they have of not having the problem of washing all the time but on the other hand, they will have to consider what is best for their babies health. If using cloth wipes can save me money and protect my baby and the environment, I would go for them over the shop ones any day.

    I like the wipe dispenser. Looks very easy to keep the cloth wipes clean and moist for each use. I think this would make a good gift for mothers anywhere. Remember Christmas is coming.

    • Thankyou Delores, it is understandable why moms of twins and triplets might find this rather onerous when the babies are very tiny, but being a mom of triplets, I can see that once they get over the sleepless night phase, using cloth wipes would not be too difficult and even if it was only when at home, it would still save money and be a big tick to the environmental issues we are facing a world. The dispenser is perfect and it was when I found this that I realised it would be so much easier to use cloth wipes using the Baby Bottom Booboo from Wild Soapery.

  15. Thankyou for your very interesting comment.  Wild Soapery will be producing natural laundry tablets in due course but for now I would recommend using the same laundry powder used for baby diapers. There are some powders that are gentle enough to use on baby clothing and this is ideal for the wipes as well as the diapers. 

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