I love this stroller!  Mountain Buggy are a well known brand, offering great quality and a side by side double stroller that is narrow enough to seamlessly get through doorways ! Such an important feature if you want to go for a side by side. Struggling to open a door with a double stroller and maybe shopping bags is so not fun. I certainly wanted a stroller than I could manage doors with myself, not to have to rely on help to get out and about is refreshing when you have twins or triplets! It also offers various adapters for the stroller, so you can have a choice of a wide range of car seats that can then be transferred to the mountain buggy.





Brand: Mountain Buggy
Model: Duet 2017
Rating: ???/4
Opinion: A great stroller. The stroller is quite ‘long’ and I could only just reach forward to the door handle to open.

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  • Fully lie flat position so suitable for newborn use.
  • Reversible cushioned liners, offering extra comfort for your newborns, easy to clean.
  • 5-point harness with fully adjustable shoulder harness and between the legs.
  • Footplate for each child.
  • Adjustable handlebar for height of the person pushing the stroller – more comfort without having to stoop.
  • 25″ (63cm) wide, the same width as a single strollers, so easy to push through standard doorways, yet seating does not feel narrow.
  • Seat height of 25.1″ (63.7cm) – one of the largest stroller seats.
  • Hand brake control, so added confidence when pushing two up or down hill.
  • Easy footbrake to apply when fully stopped.
  • One hand fold, and also features an automatic frame lock and will stand up when folded – great advantage for storage.
  • Will accomodate carrycot, car seats using adapters (not included but available separately)
  • 10″ (25cm) air-filled tyres that offset the bumpiness of the terrain when jogging off road.
  • Front wheels can be locked or left in swivel for added maneurverablity and control of the stroller.
  • Individual mesh sunhoods with SPF 50+ along with pull out mesh visors and peek a boo windows that allow for extra ventilation on hot days.
  • Comes in various colour ways and patterns.
  • Accessories available  – buggy pouch, duet tote bag, cocoon.

This stroller has all the usual bells and whistles you would expect for this price bracket with the added advantage of a side by side double and still able to get through standard doorways, so it means as your twins get older, they have an unrestricted view of the world around them without having to lean to one side or the other to see whats going on. There are very few tandem strollers that offer gallery viewing so this makes a great alternative.


Great size, even for 4 year olds. The seat covers being removable and washable is a bonus, you could have an extra set for those washdays. Wheels lead to a comfortable ride. Seats are comfortable, not bucket style so babies/toddlers can adjust their positions and the width means you’re not hogging the sidewalk.


A little heavy at 30lbs, and quite ‘long’ but in general terms, not really negatives for a really well liked stroller.