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Introducing solid feeding to twins or triplets can be an issue, babies are not all ready to be weaned onto solid food at the same time and this is the same for twins or triplets. Baby solid feeding is a milestone and its no good forcing it on a baby not ready when they are still satisfied with milk.  This can become a dilemma, milk feeding one and weaning two !   My son took longer to transition onto solid food than did the girls.  He was simply not ready and would get fussy and upset when I tried to spoon feed him, but he was calm and content to still have a bottle, although he wouldn’t hold it himself… Feel there’s a pattern emerging here….! . He was still gaining weight and certainly soothed by a bottle feed.  This did make life more complicated however but I wasn’t about to force it on him and have a permanently grumpy baby.  I managed, but I think had I had some of the gadgets and products around now, all our lives would have been calmer !

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As you can see from this photo, his sisters were very happy to hold their own bottles, baby boy however not!  They were prem and to give him his due, he did have more neonatal issues than his sisters so didn’t put weight on as quickly in those early stages.  You couldn’t tell that now though!

Within this section on solid feeding I have  included products that I know I needed or would have benefited from if I had known, so whilst some may not necessarily fit the brief of this category, they fit best here on the website.


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