The innovative design of the teat/nipple replicates the breast, creating a natural latching experience for baby. The Mimijumi design features natural colours and textures, imitating as much as possible the feel of the breast to give the best possible combination for bottle and breast feeding.

BPA latex free, nipple is made from medical and food grade silicone;New and Improved Nipple Design
Integrated venting to prevent colic

Brand: MimiJumi
Model: Breastfeeding Bottle
T&TW Rating: ???/4
Opinion: Quite a firm nipple/teat.

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  • Innovative nipple/teat design
  • BPA and latex free, lead, phthalate, EA(ethylene acrylic rubber)
  • Exceeds US safety standards
  • Highest quality manufacturing
  • Skid free base allowing for one handed bottle preparation
  • Dome shape assists in latching/drinking experience, making it as close to breastfeeding as possible
  • Easy clean
  • Integrated venting system to avoid colic
  • Top rack dishwasher safe


The pack comes with a 4oz (not so hungry baby) and 8oz (very hungry baby size), and two slow flow teats/nipples.

  • Medium flow nipples/ teats are also available if you find the slow flow are too difficult of your babies to suck, but the idea is that the milk doesn’t pour out but baby has to suck the same way as they would on a breast.



Many parents like this baby bottle, giving their baby a pleasant experience that does not in any way reduce their ability to latch on for breast feeding.  The teat/nipple has been reported by some as being quite firm. Parents say that whilst their baby wouldn’t feed from other bottles, they took to this one without difficulty. Other parents have found that milk can come too fast when baby pauses feeding, but this could simply be the wrong flow nipple and a slower flow might solve the issue.



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