The Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast pump is a well known name for baby bottles and breast pumps. I had a Medela Swing Electric Pump but I’m not reviewing on here because I think the Freestyle is more adaptable and better for twins and triplets moms. Its small and lightweight and the digital display can be attached to a pocket with the clip.


Brand: Medela
Model: Freestyle
T&TW Rating: ???/4
Opinion: Versatile and light, but if using the battery option, takes 24 hours to fully recharge. 

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    • World smallest high performance electric pump.
    • 2-Phase Expression offering a pumping action that mimics a baby’s rhythm, so achieving more milk in less time.
    • Offers rapid stimulation and a slower expression of milk to make pumping gentle, comfortable and efficient.
    • Comes with PersonalFit Breastshields – available in various sizes to suit you personally.
    • Rechargeable battery – requires 24 hours to charge initially. Lasts 3 pumping hours.
    • Easily portable – supplied with a light shoulderbag.
    • Weighs 370g.
    • Simple buttons to allow vacuum adjustment.
    • Digital display – offering information on letdown suction level, pumping suction level, etc.
    • Timer and nightlight.
    • Memory function  – will remember settings
    • Cool bag to pack milk into, until you get home.
    • New, updated plugs – identified by a bright yellow sticker next to the barcode on the box.


Many mothers found the Medela very versatile, light and handy to take out to work.  Easy to use, with the cool bag to store the expressed milk.  Only issue seems to be that once the battery is flat it takes 24 hours to recharge.  The set up of the breast pump is intuitive, although some say that the suction is not the best, but the overall opinion is that its portability makes it so useful.


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