Medela produce a lot of different accessories for breast feeding. They have several breast pumps and all the paraphernalia required to go with this. So take a look below at the various accessories that may make your life a little easier. There are storage bottles with lids, storage bags,  gift sets.


Medela Storage Bottles

Medela have been making breastfeeding products for over 50 years. They have performed extensive research into the science of breastfeeding and their products are loved by parents and health care professionals alike. They have won many awards, including Which?Best Buy.  They are found in 94% of hospitals in the UK.

Brand: Medela
Model: Storage Bottles For Breastmilk
T&TW Rating:???/4
The markings are indented on the bottle, so not so easy to read, might have been better to be inked in.

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  • Collect, store, freeze and feed breastmilk.
  • 8oz bottle with screw on lid
  • Readable measurements in oz and mls.
  • Reusable, resistent to scratches, cracking and splintering.
  • Leak-proof seal
  • Freezable/Refrigerator – special polypropylene that retains the breastmilk beneficial properties.
  • Safe and hygienic storage method for breastmilk long-term.
  • BPA free.
  • Compatible with Medela Breastpumps.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Made from shatterproof material.
  • Can be purchased with a cooler bag or separately.

Medela Pump and Save Storage Bags

You can pump directly into the storage bags or pour directly from the bottle into the bag for storage.

Brand: Medela
Model: Pump and Save Storage Bags
T&TW Rating: ???/4

Opinion: The bags are tricky at times to get the zipper seal just right.

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  • Easy close zipper, so no leaking
  • Stand-up bottom to prevent spills.
  • Use the easy connector to attach the bag to the breast pump.
  • Protective oxygen barrier preserves all the nutrients in the breastmilk.
  • Fridge or freezer compatible.


Medela Breastmilk Storage Solutions
 Ive included this not because I think its something that would be useful for twins or triplet moms but because its a great way of displaying what the Medela range includes.

Brand: Medela

Model: Breastmilk Storage Solutions
T&TW Rating: ????/4

Opinion: The labels on the bags proved particularly popular in being able to specify the day and time of day.

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  • Extra containers to pump into directly.
  • Versatile tray for storage in fridge or freezer.
  • Unique lids that make easy identifying for the next bottle to feed.
  • Pack includes 5oz bottles x6, labelling lids x6, 80ml containers with lids x6, pump and save breast milk bags x20, organiser tray, breastmilk storage guidelines magnet for the fridge door !



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