The trouble with having twins or triplets is that you have to have two or three of everything ! I ended up with three bottle warmers and two sterilisers. counter space was a nightmare…!  At the time there were no double bottle warmers so I had no choice really…. but now I have discovered quite a few double baby bottle warmers that offer more than one function!

Brand: Maxx Elite
Model: Digital Double Bottle Warmer
T&TW Rating: ???/4
Opinion: Steriliser and warmer in one. Warming feature particularly good.

Store Purchase:

This warmer is called ‘Snug’ in the UK, but is essentially the same one  – – £34.00

So imagine, walking into the room, switching the warmer to ‘gentle warm’ and knowing that through the warming process the nutrients within the milk are being preserved. Just gently shake and ready to feed.

The Maxx Elite Double Baby Bottle Warmer is a bottle warmer and steriliser all-in-one! Saves counter space and an easy bottle warmer to take when you are travelling.


          • Convenient and easy to use and clean.
          • No mould build-up.
          • Double bottle warmer and steriliser-in-one.
          • Will fit all bottles, tall, wide or angled.
          • Easy one-touch operation.
          • Two preset settings – gentle heat, or express.
          • Gentle heat- 40°C/104°F – this will give you room temperature formula/ breastmilk.
          • Express heat – 70°C/158°F – for faster warming if you are short of time.
          • Individual temperature adjustment- you can set any temperature you want.


Maxx Elite Double Baby Bottle Warmer has been voted the best warmer for night time feeds. They say you  can prepare bottles in advance and feed your babies as soon as they wake.  Your formula may have specific instructions as to how long it can be kept warm, this is generally between 1-2 hours, so check your formula.



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