Little Bloom are cheap pocket diapers, but despite their more economical price they are amazing quality. They’re so cute, and not just the pink ones !

Brand: Little Bloom
Model:  Pocket Diaper
T&TW Rating:???/4
Opinion:Economical but excellent quality

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  • One size pocket diapers – easy to adjust so will fit from newborn – 3 to 15kg
  • PUL waterproof nappy with natural, non irritating, bamboo towelling inner layer.
  • Antibacterial lining layer, thermal regulating.
  • Shell and pocket inserts easy to wash and dry
  • Popper fastening style with adjustable crossover waist snaps and velcro fastening too.
  • Hip snaps prevent wing drooping.
  • Pocket inserts available in different materials – bamboo and microfibre.
  • Disposable liners can be used with these nappies, reducing the staining but any poo stains can get bleached by the sun and poop flushed down the toilet.


Specially designed to be easy to insert and remove. Can be combined within the pocket for extra absorbency at night for example.
All machine washable and easy to dry.

Bamboo – Absorbs up to 60% more than cotton.
Microfibre – 3 layers of towelling, 5x more absorbent than cotton.


Little Bloom Inserts – Bamboo

Washing And Care
Prewash all new nappies and inserts to increase absorbency
Wash nappies and inserts in the same wash, but separate from the nappies from the inserts first.

Wash 30/40℃ with non- biodegradable washing powder.  Don’t use fabric conditioners.
Hang out to dry naturally and finish off in the dryer.


→ Amazing quality, soft and pretty.
→Lovely designs and can be washed at 60℃.
→Much cheaper than others but great quality.
→No leaking, not as well finished as some more expensive brands. 


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