This is  SUPER space saving !

If you’re short of space in the kitchen with all your other baby paraphernalia, this may well be the answer to your problems.   Four gadgets in one !
* Bottle Warmer
* Steriliser
* Dryer
*Food Steamer

Brand:Lil Jumbl
Model: Double Bottle Warmer
T&TW Rating: ??/4
Opinion: Too many functions to be all of use, but warmer definitely great !

Store Purchase:

This model is not available in the UK but there is one very similar –



      • Multipurpose Machine performing four functions – steriliser, warmer, dryer, steamer.
      • All natural steam to remove 99% of bacteria from bottles, teething toys, pacifiers, utensils etc
      • LCD interface for easy control with current time, mode, real-time temperature data (°C/°F)
      • Adjustable compartments to hold 6 standard bottles, food containers. Large enough to sterilise breast pump parts, pacifiers.
      • Smaller parts easy contained within a small part compartment.
      • Easy to prepare milk and formula, warm cooked food or steam food.
      • Easy to set a constant temperature to warm bottles.



An adaptable gadget that takes up little space, but offers four features that any mom will find very useful. Dries the bottles too.
The warming function of this machine is awesome, temperature controlled and warms faster than others on the market, so this has got to be a contender when choosing bottle warmers for twins/triplets.


Im not sure that for a twins/triplet mom that there would be time to use all the features on this machine, simply because of the size of the machine, the warming function for the bottles though is fantastic.


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