Lasinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump can be used for single or double expressing, but I think as we are talking about multiples here, that the double opportunity here is a godsend! There are bustiers that will fit the breast pumps too so you dont have to sit and hold them, you can express and surf the net or read! This one scored well on comfort and ease of cleaning, but wasn’t so great on battery life. So if this isn’t important to you because its going to be on mains most of the time, this breast pump is great value for money.

Brand: Lasinoh
Model: Signature Pro
T&TW Rating:???/4
Opinion: Quick and effective, but loud.

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  • Easy to clean, closed design so guaranteed against milk entering the tubing, so no tubing to clean.
  • Quiet pump.
  • Two phases -let down initiates the milk flow through rapid suction, then phase 2 to maximise the milk flow through slower, deeper suction.
  • 3 effective pumping styles in expression phase – simulate natural feeding patterns. Can be further tailored to your comfort.
  • LCD screen clearly shows the selected pumping options.
  • ComfortFit breast cushions offer soft, secure fit to aid good suction and smooth, comfortable pumping experience.
  • Runs on main power, or batteries on the go.
  • Pack includes sealing discs to store breastmilk in bottles.
  • Various bottles will fit the system so your favourite ones can be used.
  • Battery lasts 3 hours.
  • Timer


Some moms found it difficult to get the settings quite right, whilst others found that they were able to pump more milk with this pump than others they had used.  The machine can be loud but this is reduced by placing the pump on a softer surface. Found to be very economical and as good as hospital quality.  Many moms found the pump to be quick and effective.


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