Lasinoh Momma Feeding Bottles are equipped with NaturalWave nipples/teat. The nipples/teats are designed to reduce nipple confusion when baby is in established breastfeeding.  The NaturalWave nipple/teat encourages baby to engage in the natural wave like sucking action that they will have learned when breastfeeding so easy for them to switch between the two without any confusion.

Brand: Lasinoh Momma
Model: Breast Feeding Bottle
T&TW Rating: ????/4
Opinion: Almost no negative comments, only that the bottles are softer so take care when filling with hot liquid.

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  • Slow, medium and fast flow NaturalWave nipples available, and all interchangeable with mOmma feeding bottles.
  • Fewer parts, so easy cleaning.
  • Air ventilation system to reduce the intake of air, reducing the potential cause of colic or spit up.
  • BPA free.
  • 100% silicone nipples that are super soft, flexible and long lasting.Bottles are part of the pump-store-feed system, so you can express using the Lasinoh breast pump directly into the bottle, it can be refrigerated and frozen in the bottle then nipples can be attached straight onto the bottle when required.
  • Protective top, for leak free transportation and hygienic coverage.


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These bottles are universally loved by breastfeeding moms ! There was almost not a single negative point. Everyone was singing their praises about how easy their babies took to using this bottle. The only slight issue that was had was by someone who was using them to make up a formula feed, using very hot water, the bottles are softer than most and care was needed. This is not a problem when using these with breast milk as it wont be as hot as that. Alternatively make sure that you hold the bottle with a cloth whilst making up the feed. 


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