Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 Lie-Flat Car Seat

Ive been looking at lie flat car seats since I did the blog in March on the dangers of newborn babies being put into regular car seats for long periods of time. That is, lie flat car seats for INSIDE the car. I think the biggest thing with this is educating parents into the dangers of having your babies in these car seats for longer than 2 hours. Its easily done… you pack them all up into their car seats, into the car, and off to the mall for some shopping. They fall asleep in the seats and they’re built for just lifting out of the car and clipped straight into the stroller chassis without disturbing baby, perfect for some shopping whilst babies sleep.  So easy to have them sleeping in the car seats for several hours.

It is quite dangerous for newborns and preemies to be in this position for so long.  Their neck muscles are not fully developed yet and so cannot support their heads or move them out of a forward position which can easily happen whilst sleeping.  This causes breathing problems and low oxygen saturation and a flatter lying angle is preferable.

There are several lie-flat car seats now, but not  what I was looking for for my twins and triplets moms who have to be able to get two or three of these in the car. So having a bassinet/carrycot style car seat is not much use when you have to get two or three in the car at the same time. This is the Jane Matrix which you can use flat in a car but has to be over several seats which is no good for twins or triplets. This seat also folds up to a backward facing seat when your babies are bigger but doesn’t solve the problem.
I have found a car seat that can be used in a lie-flat position  INSIDE and OUTSIDE the car and you can fit 2 or 3 in at the same time!

Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 Car Seat

The Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 car seat can be in a lie-flat position inside the car. The baby is perfectly safe and secured in the 5 point harness but can be laid flat. When my triplets were small, we

Brand:  Kiddy
Model:  Evolution Pro 2 Car Seat
T&TW Rating:????/4
Opinion: Lie flat function inside and outside the car.

Store Purchase: KiddyUSA/ Baby&Co

The USA link will take you to Kiddy USA and at the bottom of the page they show all their distributors within the USA.



  • Lie flat function inside and outside the car
  • Generous size and flatter lying position
  • Easy to adjust various head huggers etc to individualise the car seat to your babies.
  • Newborn inlay, crotch cushion, 5 point harness with shoulder padding
  • Large sun canopy
  • Perfect for newborn and preemies with weak neck muscles
  • Padded covers that are easy to remove and wash at 30°c
  • The slatted frame within the car seat moves around to adjust to the lying position
  • Slatted frame absorbs energy from uneven roads and any potential accident, protecting the babies spines.
  • Slatted frame also adds breathability to the car seat
  • Requires 32″ space behind the front seats when reclined.
  • Can be ‘isofixed’ to the car using the car seat base or attached following the European Belt Pathway ( use of the car seat belts)
  • Comes in many colours !
  • Maximum baby height 30″
  • Maximum weight 4-22lbs
  • Kiddy also make an Evolution Pro 2XL which is larger and will support a baby up to height 37″ and up to 28lbs in weight. This however would require a larger area behind the front seats to lie flat.



These car seats will fit various stroller chassis with adaptors, for example, it will fit the Maxi Cosi Seat Adaptors so check here to see if the stroller you have in mind, is featured.  If you have trouble deciding, drop me a line and I will look into it for you. I am on a mission to make sure that all the moms that read my blog, have the chance to get their babies lying flat !  Click the stroller compatibility to go to the Kiddy website.

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