Karibu Folding Bathtub

As soon as I saw this Karibu baby folding bathtub I wished it had been available when my triplets were tiny.  We ended up carting a solid   bathtub with us on vacation, took up so much space and along with all the other baby paraphernalia, this bathtub would have been amazing !

Brand: Karibu
Model: Folding Bathtub
Store Purchase: Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk



  • Fold away design.
  • Heat sensitive plug that changes from blue to white at 99°F/37°C – immediate sign that the bathwater is warm enough.
  • Bathtub is ‘accordion’ fold design for neat storage.
  • L 32.3″ xW 18.5″ x H 8.9″ (82 x 47 x 22.5 cm)  – H 3″/7.5cm when folded. Inside length 22″/55cm.
  • Has two indents for soap or bath toys and a hook to either hang from a peg or the shower rail.
  • Made of non-slip material.
  • Sturdy, non-slip legs that lock and fold with the push of a button. Easily usable on any flat surface.
  • Easy clean, made from non slip materials.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • 5 great colours – red/blue/purple/orange/green
  • Convenient for vacationing/travelling.
  • This bath is entirely made of safe materials (Polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomeric) and is free of phthalates and heavy metals.


‘Great to have a heat sensitive plug, but sometimes seems over sensitive, so you need to use your own sense as to what suits

your babies.’

‘Very sturdy, have had a year’s use out of it already ! ‘

‘Excellent quality and suits babies that are now too big for changing station bath but too small for big bath.’

‘The plug changes colour when the bathwater is warm but this shouldn’t replace a bath thermometer.’


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