Jane Matrix Light 2 car seat is a multifunctional car seat that turns into a carry cot.  It is one of only two car seats that offers the lie-flat position in the car.  This is the perfect solution for taking babies on long car journeys so they’re not sitting up in the regular car seats.  Baby can be taken from the house, into the car, lying flat in the car seat, then back into home without disturbing baby at all !  The car seat can be adjusted to a sitting position for short periods.  This all sounds perfect, except they are rather bulky and having two or three of these in the car is going to be quite a squeeze if you want them to travel in the lie-flat position, because they are attached to the seats in a sideways configuration, so a pretty wide car required !   Its deciding how important your babies lying flat INSIDE the car is, do you do a lot of travelling? If you are only travelling for the most part, less than 2 hours at time, then any of the lie-flat car seats would be perfect as they can be laid flat once outside the car.



Brand: Jane
Model: Matrix Light 2
T&TW Rating:???/4
Opinion: Rather bulky if using in lie flat position in the car.

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Unfortunately right now I cant find any supplier in the USA but I will add it in when I do !


  • Birth to 18months  or 29lbs/13kg
  • 4 recline positions with a lie-flat position INSIDE the car.
  • Carrycot can be used for overnighting with an added mattress.
  • Automatic adjustment of the shoulder straps with the press of a button – so no manual rethreading the straps as they grow.
  • Hood and apron included.
  • Click on and off the isofix/LATCH matrix platform in the car.
  • The isofix base rotates sideways, so super easy attachment of the car seat to the base.
  • Attaches into the Jane chassis ‘Click & Go’.
  • Seat belt attachments are easy to use in either the sideways configuration or backward facing, if not using the matrix platform.
  • Padded covers to offer more comfort and protection.

These short videos show the three ways you can configure the car seat in your car.


These car seats are compatible with the Jane Twone so can be used for twins.


The car seat is quite heavy, so not one to carry any distance, but to be fair, I don’t think you would want to be carrying twins in any car seat! The car seat is versatile, offering different configurations of position in the car. It is quite costly but offers  comfort for your babies, security during any car accident.  If offers a more spacious design, so will accommodate baby for longer as they grow.




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