Inglesina Domino Triple Stroller _

This stroller is not available at the moment, if it becomes available again I will reset the purchase details 

                        Sadly this stroller is still unavailable January 2019

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This Italian-made inline triplet stroller is a sturdy, well built triplet pushchair. It is extremely comfortable, easy to manoeuvre and be assured that your babies are safe and secure. Ingelsina has designed a winning pram/stroller combination. They have taken extra care in the design to ensure your babies are snug !

Weight – 33lbs

Open Size – 40 x 53x 25″

Folded Size – 42 x 42 x 11″


The tyres are inflatable, air filled ensuring a smoother ride. Wheels at the front can swivel or be fixed in position.


Each seat has a five point harness system, keeping baby secure at all times. Bumper and all aluminium framework fully padded, so no nipping baby fingers ! The brake is foot activated, working on the back wheels. Most triple tandem strollers will have the brake centrally so activating the brake on both back wheels at the same time. Due to the fact the triplets stroller is only one child wide, the braking system is sufficiently robust to activate with one foot brake, allowing it to hold the stroller completely still.


The stroller can be used with basinettes or the use of optional boot covers for each pram unit, making more cosy and secure for very young babies then as your babies grow, the pram unit can be turned into the stroller seats. Each seat has full hoods for further protection when babies are small, they can be pulled down, folded back or can be removed as they get older to allow the toddlers in the two back seats to see more around them. The stroller has a generous storage basket beneath the seats. Each seat can change directions, to face out or face the parent. The stroller seats have a four position recline.


Ingelsina are well known for using high quality fabrics, that last the test of triplets! The gabardine fabric is washable and the seat pads are removable for more in-depth washing.

Travel System

This pushchair doesn’t have a travel system but the frame can accommodate bassinets.


Ingelsina has various accessories, although a little difficult to source any specifically for the triplet stroller. However they have a robust selection of accessory products such as seat liners, diaper bag, replacement wheels etc.


The seats cannot all be reclined at the same time and the frame cannot be folded with all three seats attached, one needs to be removed before folding up. The folded stroller is quite bulky and large so measure up the size of your boot first! There were few images to find on this stroller, none of the folded stroller and none with any rain cover.


This is a very well made stroller, perfect protection and comfort for your babies during transportation. The stroller is well padded and all surfaces are easy to clean, however the babies cannot all recline at the same time, so this may not be the stroller to buy for newborn triplets.