Infacol Colic Treatment

One of the toughest things to cope with when you have twins or triplets is the lack of sleep….. I was in a daze most of the time and remember going to the opticians because I thought there was something wrong with my eyes!

No-one is exactly certain what causes colic, but the likely explanation is the build up of small bubbles of trapped wind in the tummy. Babies with colic can cry unconsolably for hours, frequently in the late afternoon or early evening, just when you’re starting to flag from a long day! They are often worse after a feed and may well have a bloated tummy. They also pull their knees up to their chests and are red in the face. Their cry is high pitched.

So anything that will help your babies to settle to sleep has got to be a good idea !! Along with the Avent anti colic bottles I also used Infacol before every feed, the effect of the Infacol is cumulative and I found that my triplets were definitely more settled once the Infacol started to work.  (Check out my page on Anti Colic Baby Bottles)

I tried everything I could the alleviate my triplets colic, part of it was self preservation –  I needed sleep to be able to  care for them well during the day so anything that would ease their pain and help them settle quickly at night was a god send!

Infacol works by helping the small trapped air bubbles join into bigger bubbles that are easier for baby to bring up as wind so relieving the pain and discomfort. Thankfully over time, the colic does settle, around 16 weeks, but in the meantime, Infacol will help!

  • Infacol wind drops contain Simelticone 40mgs/mlScreen Shot 2016-01-18 at 21.35.52
  • It is scientifically formulated to relieve infant colic and griping pains and effectively assist in bringing up wind.
  • It is suitable from birth (unlike gripe water)
  • It works progressively over several days so a consistent approach is needed to get the relief for your babies.
  • Infacol comes with a dropper top for easy administration straight into your baby’s mouth.
  • Take your time winding your babies, this will pay dividends in the evening with settled babies.
  • Can be used for breast feeding or bottle feeding.
  • It is sugar, alcohol and colourant free.

Infacol 50ml £5.48

Infacol to Relieve Wind, Infant Colic and Griping Pain 50ml $12.77
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